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Jammer beanie!

So, I'm pretty proud of this project! It was a white elephant gift for a holiday part amongst my derby friends. (Yes, the Jack Daniels was part of the gift!):

I wanted to write up a sort of pattern, because I have a feeling I will be making quite a few more of these. It's not a well-written pattern, so sorry :) I'm not a designer.I wanted a grown-ups' version of smallsmallfaery's Tiny Jammer hat, but I wanted it to be quick and easy and not involve intarsia like the Know Your Jammer hat from Knockdown Knits. (Sorry, if you're not on, you won't be able to view those links.)


Materials (which can all be found at your local Michaels, btw):
- 1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the color of your choice
- 1 sheet of felt in the color of your choice (even though below I recommend using fabric adhesive, I do not recommend using the felt that is self-adhesive, because it is really stiff)
- Two-sided fabric adhesive sheets (optional) - I used Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse. These come in a small pack of 5 sheets. In my original beanie above, I used 1 sheet per star, but when I make this again, I plan to use only a small bit of adhesive - maybe less than one sheet for the entire beanie. So, if you buy one of these packs, they'll last you.
- Embroidery floss in the color of your choice (I like to match the thread to the hat)
- Tapestry needle
- 16-inch circulars in sizes 13 and 15
-  DPNs in size 15 (this is for the very end when you've decreased too much to use the circs anymore. I don't actually own size 15 DPNs, so I used my 13's, and they were fine)

Gauge: I have no idea. I could make another one and tell you later.

Hat directions:
- With the size 13 circs, cast on 44 stitches and join for working in the round.
- Knit 1.5-2 inches in (k2, p2) rib. (Sorry - again, if I still had it, I could tell you what I did for sure.)
- Switch to the size 15 circs and knit in stockinette stitch (knit every round) until the piece measures 8-9 inches from the cast-on.

Begin decreasing (switch to the DPNS when you feel you need to):
Round: (K 2, k2tog) around - 33 sts remain
Round: (K 1, k2tog) around - 22 sts remain
Round: (K2tog) around - 11 sts remain

Break yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Thread tail through all the loops. Cinch and secure on the inside. Weave in ends.

Star directions:
 - Trace and cut out two identical stars, one for each side. I drew it on paper first, and then cut it out of the felt.
- If you have the adhesive, cut out some pieces just to hold the stars in place on the beanie while you sew. You do not need to go edge-to-edge with the adhesive - in fact, it is preferable not to, because it's REALLY hard to sew through, and my needle was coated with sticky by the time I was done.
- Affix your star in place. Using the embroidery floss, stitch around the edge of the star. I just used a regular straight stitch. I was also thinking that if your thread color is different from both your star and hat color (let's say, red thread on the hat I made above), it would look really cool to use whip stitch as well.

The most important part:
- Be a part of the derby world. Either strap on some skates and join a league, or support your local derby league by attending a bout or scrimmage, or helping to publicize.

For reference, the knitting part took me maybe two hours, and the star part took me about an hour (because I had to figure out the star shape and how to arrange it and all that). I would anticipate it taking me less time in future attempts.

Want to order one from me? Please click on the tab above that says "Crafty Like Ice Is Cold" and fill out the form :)