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Trying to be rock star-ish

Dear Urban Decay,

I want SO BADLY to love your Black Palette. By all accounts, this should've been THE palette for me, the former-bass-guitar-chick-turned-derby-girl:
But every time I try to create a look using more than one of the shades, they just all look like a muddy black together.

Here is attempt number one:

The "I wish I was a rock star" Look

What I used:

  • Eden primer potion (if you buy the Black Palette, you get a small-sized one with it; I just happened to already have a full-sized one)
  • Jet (the purplish black), Cobra (the goldish black), and Barracuda (the silvery black) from The Black Palette
  • Smog and Sin (available together in the Urban Ammo palette, or separately)
  • Tarte EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Shadow/Liner black
  • Tarte Natural Lip Stain in Moody
  • MAC's Zoom Fast Lash mascara
  • UD's Urban Lash false lashes in Instaglam Technicolor (I used blue, but any color will work)

1. Eden primer potion all over the upper lid

2. Jet applied on the inner half of the upper lid, up past my crease

3. Cobra on the outer half of the upper lid

4. Smog blended into the crease, using a crease brush

5. Sin applied as as a highlight on the browbone (can you tell I just got my brows done? I'm all swollen and red)

6. Barracuda along the lower lash line, using a smudge brush

7. Tarte's clay liner applied to the upper lid using a bent eyeliner brush

8. MAC mascara applied to the upper lashes, and then the false lashes applied to the outer half for a little pop!

I love the little pop of blue lashes!!!

If you can't tell the difference between all the different eyeshadow shades I used, well... neither can I. That's exactly what I'm complaining about with the Black Palette. If I hadn't mentioned it above, could you tell where Jet was applied and where Cobra was applied?  I mean, I can KIND of distinguish the purple on the inner eye, but it is so subtle, it could also be a trick of light.

Oh well. I'll try again another time. I guess we can't all be rock stars. But Black Palette, I am DETERMINED to find a way to love you!!