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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Because I totally fell in love with these two eyeshadows immediately upon swatching:

Top color (lighter) is Striptease; lower color (darker) is Camisole

One of my fellow Ravelers owns her own mineral cosmetics company called Sweet Libertine, and I finally placed an order because the colors look so beautiful on the site. I ordered Beginners Sets 1 and 2, which each consist of four basic colors that look good on anyone. I knew as soon as I saw the two above  swatched on my hand that my life would never be the same :)

Camisole looks gray-ish purple in the container, but comes out all gorgeous and sparkly. And Striptease looks like a basic light gold in the container, but when swatched, all of these other colors came out (on me, I saw hints of purple, but from what I've read, depending on your skin and/or whatever other colors you're wearing, it might take on a different shade), and I think that's just insanely awesome. It's like magic to me :)

They were both gorgeous already when swatched on my bare hand, but on top of Pixie Epoxy (see photo)? They were totally breathtaking. I can't wait to wear these tomorrow.

AND I can't wait to order more shadows from Sweet Libertine. I absolutely recommend that you try out their mineral shadows - all natural, no parabens, so you can rest easy! The prices are great, and there is a rewards club called The Lusty Strumpet Society, whereby you get an exclusive shade of eyeshadow for every 10 full-sized products you buy! (Isn't that totally worth even just being able to call yourself a Lusty Strumpet? I sure think so!) There's a link above in this post, as well as on my "Props and Shout-Outs" page above in the nav bar.