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HAUL: Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils, part 1

I've been waiting for these to hit stores before buying them, so I can swatch them in person and decide which ones I want to buy first. Lo and behold! A random, spontaneous trip to Ulta, and THERE THEY WERE. What were they even doing there? They're not supposed to be in any stores yet! My heart stopped when I saw the Spring 2011 collection just SITTING there, waiting for me to squee.

I've been planning for this as my major splurge for this month, so do not be alarmed when I tell you that I bought SIX of them, half of the collection of pencils. I went home and eagerly threw on a couple different looks, one on each eye, to test their blendability with the 24/7 Blending Brush, which UD created especially for these pencils (and which I already bought, because I was going to test them out with my NYX Jumbo Pencils).

Haul #1, L to R: Morphine, Delinquent, Mercury, Narc, Wasteland, and Sin

They DON'T disappoint. They blend really well, and then they just DON'T budge. We already know that this formula works wonders as a liner, but they are just as awesome as shadows, as long as you blend right away. (Don't apply, walk off to put something in the microwave, pet the dog, use the restroom, and then try to blend.)

Morphine is a really pretty iridescent light purple. It's not really similar to any color I've seen before.

Delinquent is a purer purple than Lust or Ransom (eyeliner shades). It's got some glitter in it.

Mercury is also a darkish shimmery gray. It's the gray that I wish Gunmetal (liner) was, and just a tad lighter than Uzi (15th anniversary set).

Narc is a mossy green - I found it VERY similar to Mildew (eyeliner). There were other colors I didn't get that were more unique, but I just really like this color.

Wasteland is similar to Stash (eyeliner), but far more brownish than greenish. Other than that, there aren't any other eyeliner colors that are similar.

Sin is just like any other thing UD has released that is called Sin :) But nothing like any of the other eyeliner colors. The closest might be the Midnight Cowboy eyeliner (in the 15th anniversary set), but it's not the same.

Here are a couple looks I threw together REALLY quickly, just to test these out:

Morphine all over the lid; Delinquent blended into the crease, and Mercury along the lashline

Sin all over the lid; Wasteland blended into the crease; Narc along the lashline