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My next big project

So, right now I'm working on Tulip Top, but after I'm done with that, I plan to finally learn steeking (which, yes, is item 6 on my 30 Things list). And because I like to aim high, this is what I plan to make:

Little Birds by Ysolda Teague
I already have the yarn ordered from Knitpicks - their brand new line of yarn called Chroma. The main body will be done in Natural, which is a pure white, and the birds/leaves will be done in the colorway Regency. Chroma's colorways are self-striping, and totally gorgeous:

Chroma Fingering Weight in Regency
So yeah, I'm excited. This is totally outside of my comfort zone. I've only done colorwork once, and it was totally basic and didn't involve steeking, which is a method whereby you reinforce a section of knitting and then CUT THROUGH IT (with scissors!) so that you can attach sleeves or a button band or whatever. Cutting knitwork goes against every fiber (haha) of my being, so I'm scared.