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Oh joyous day!!!

As happy as I get when I do a good job of putting ON makeup, I am equally happy when I can do a good job of taking it OFF.

I have been using either makeup remover cleansing towelettes or UD's Clean and Sober makeup remover to take off my eye makeup - both work, but neither are miraculously effective. I have to scrub and scrub with both of them - the towelettes completely sting my eyes (I'm standing there over the sink tearing up!) and Clean and Sober works fine (smells great!) but it still doesn't remove everything, and leaves a sort of heavy gel feeling on my face. 

So after reading a thread on eye makeup remover suggestions, I decided to go use some Sephora store credit to purchase this baby:

Clinique's Take the Day Off
and it was every bit as wonderful as everything I'd read about it. My online makeup community friends (shut up, don't laugh) totally lauded this thing like it was holy water, and I was kind of skeptical and not particularly anxious to spend $18 on something that makes me ordinary-looking again, but I tried it tonight, and I'm a total believer.

You know how one of the things I love most about UDPP and UD 24/7 eyeliners is that, when used together, they don't smudge and don't budge? Well, that's not so great when I actually WANT them to come off. My previous removers did little to remove them - like I said, I had to scrub and scrub. With Clinique? Dab and swipe. Gone!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so excited, I gushed about it to my boyfriend, who looked nonplussed, but was happy that I was happy. (He shrugged.) Clinique feels like it would be oily, but it's not. It's gentle - did not sting my eyes - but totally took off everything that I was wearing wherever I swiped it. (I missed a couple spots that I washed off later.) This was so good that I think I might declare it my HG even after just one use. I am totally sold.

Clinique's Take the Day Off, $17.50 for 4.2oz at Sephora and Clinique counters


  1. I'm a Clinique disciple. I use everything by them and have for years!


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