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Swatches: Tarte's Jewelry Box, part 1

Shimmer eyeshadows (1-16) and lipglosses

There are so many things to play with in this jewelry box, I thought I'd start out by swatching. I did put together a quick look the other day, but it was more just to test out the formula than for the color. (I just went really basic.)

So without further ado, here are the shimmer eyeshadows, which are numbered 1-16 and occupy the top level of the box:

Just remember, the numbers go left to right, across the divide

Here are swatches for #1-8 (the top two rows):

1-8, L to R
1. A golden vanilla color
2. In the pan, this shadow looks maroon. I think it's my skin that makes it look orangey slightly
3. Gunmetal gray
4. Frosty white
5. Peachy-melon (but very pale)
6. Dark forest green
7. Pinkish mauve
8. Navy blue

And here are the swatches for #9-16 (the bottom two rows):
9-16, L to R
9. A darkish bronze
10. Slightly darker gold
11. Barbie pink, but not obnoxious
12. A reddish purple with a slight blue shift
13. Dark brownish purple with silvery sparkles
14. Champagne
15. Rusty red-orange
16. A slightly lighter forest green

I swatched them all over UDPP on my arm. First impressions: the darker colors appear to be more pigmented, and the blue and greens are less frosty. I really liked the way #5 looked in the pan, but it seemed to merely blend in with my skin when I swatched it. I had to kick up a lot of product to get those swatches - it wasn't just swipe and go - so I would worry about fallout when putting it on my eyes, but we'll see when we get there. Overall, there are some nice colors here that I don't have yet in my UD collection (and there are some that are exactly like others), and I think I will definitely get a lot of mileage out of these, since I love shimmer shadows.

I decided to test out half of the lipglosses in the palette as well:

So I started with the left side column. From top to bottom:

Cherry red

A bright, almost coral sort of pink
A mauve-ish sort of shade with a teensy more red than purple

Light shimmery nude
All in all, I was REALLY impressed with the lipglosses - I think even more than the eyeshadows! The formula is smooth, goes on easily, and is highly pigmented. I haven't tested for wear, so I have no idea how well it stays on, but I did really like wearing them.

SO... that's all, just a quickie swatching post. We'll do the other half tomorrow.