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Swatches: Tarte's Jewelry Box, part 2

Let's take a look at the matte shadows, the remaining four glosses, and the eyeliners

On the whole, I'd have to say that I was largely unimpressed with the matte eyeshadows. Mattes don't show up well on me anyway, in general, but these seemed even less pigmented than other ones I've tried.

#17-24, the top two rows:

17. A vanilla shade which you can't even see (except that you can tell in the photo, there was some residue left from my brush)

18. A pale, pale peachy pink

19. Some sort of a goldish color

20. Taupe

21. A peachy-melon color

22. A plummy brownish purple

23. A forest green

24. A warm brown

And here are 25-32 (the bottom two rows), plus the eyeliners:

25. A slightly yellow-y cream

26. A chocolate brown with some red in it

27. A blue-gray

28. A bright-ish denim blue

29. A purple-tinged navy

30. Black

31. A slightly darker lavender

32. A slightly peacock-y green

So as with the shimmer shadows, the darker ones had more pigment. I had to scoop up a TON of product with the lighter ones to get anything to show up at all to my naked eye, let alone to the camera.

And the eyeliners: 

From L to R:

- A lighter black with sparkles
- A shimmery olive green
- A shimmery warm brown
- A plum purple
- A matte black

The eyeliners went on nicely. But obviously, they cannot hold a candle to the ones I normally use :) By the way, the plastic insert that holds the pencils in the box was a nightmare to use - I had to pry the pencils out with objects.

The remaining four lipglosses - here they are in the pan again (right side column):

And here they are on me:

Just a plain nude. Not really anything special.

This was a slightly lighter, slightly warmer nude. But if you can't tell the difference between this photo and the one above, don't worry, I couldn't either.

An adorable raspberry color. I liked this one a lot (you can tell by the product photo that I went for this one first).

A bright bubblegum pink. Not really my color, but I was definitely impressed by the pigmentation.

So, there you have it. In general, I'd say that if you're new to makeup and don't have much, then this would be a great buy - it's a TERRIFIC value for all that you get. However... if you've already got a ton of eyeshadows and liners and such that you love and that are great, then this set really will just be kind of redundant in your collection. The only thing that really impressed me was the lipglosses, and really only half of them at that, and four lipglosses is not worth the $52 to me, especially when I already have those colors in other forms.

*sigh* Too bad.


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