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30 Things Item 20: Make some really good guacamole!

So, usually when one thinks "Jane Austen," one doesn't automatically think of guacamole. However, as my good friend Cristina and I made plans to get together while I'm up here in Portland, we both decided to get a couple things out of the way that we've never done before: she's never seen the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice, and I've never made guacamole before (that didn't involve the packet of powdered seasoning), so we decided to do both. Because snacks with movies are good, and so is getting one of my 30 Things items done.

So, this is the recipe we used (Sorry, all the photos were taken with my iPhone):

Only we added tomatoes, and used onion powder instead of onions (because Cristina can't eat onions), and cilantro paste stuff.

Cristina chopped the jalapeno and tomatoes:

While I got the avocados and lime, and did the mashing and stirring:

And voila!

Awesome guacamole to enjoy while Mr. Darcy does his intense, broody eye thing.