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Can't wait to skate!

[Enter Dwayne Johnson.]


Roller derby?

That's right. Um, no, Dwayne Johnson isn't playing roller derby. But I am!

After over two months being off-skates, I'm finally strapping my boots back on and getting back out there on the floor. Without launching into a huge saga about it, I will just say that I have found my way to PRG, which consists of a lot of ex-bootcampers whom I've become friendly with and whom I respect a lot, and whom I feel are doing derby the right way (to bogart a phrase I hear often in regards to baseball). Since September, I've spent a lot of time feeling ill at ease about the teams I've skated with (SVRG excepted, of course), and I'm glad that I'm finally joining a league that I feel confident about.

I'm nervous about skating tonight, for the first time in a while. I'm pretty sure I have regressed to sucking. I'm probably a million miles behind everyone else. But that's okay - I'm fairly sure I've still got something left in my muscle memory. It will be an uphill climb for sure, but hey, nothing worth having ever comes easy.

Wish me luck for practice tonight, that I don't horribly embarrass myself or break anything.