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Depotting, part 2: BRING ON THE HEAT!

So, with Jolie at her grandma's for the evening and safely out of range of the heat and noxious fumes that were about to present themselves, I set about depotting my UD matte eyeshadow singles to put into my new MAC pro palette that I just swapped for.

I thought it would be convenient, seeing as how UD shadow pans are the same size as MAC ones, and that there are exactly 15 UD matte eyeshadows. (Well, at the moment, they've discontinued a whole bunch, but I do have all 15.)

I decided to follow a tutorial I saw on Youtube that showed how to use a straightening iron to melt the glue and loosen the pan from its holder.

Step 1: You have to pry the plastic pan holder out of the eyeshadow casing. It just pops out. (Goodbye, adorable little subway tokens! *sniffles*)

Step 2: Using a middle-high heat setting on your straightening iron, set the eyeshadow plastic side down on the hot plate.

Step 3: After about 30-45 seconds, the plastic should be hot and soft on the underside. On top of a flat, soft surface (I used a folded washcloth, and just layered some Kleenex on it), turn the little thing upside down and use the end of a pen to poke the soft parts in the middle until the eyeshadow pan comes out upside-down. (Totally my favorite part, by the way.) Toss the plastic.

Step 4: When the metal pan has cooled enough, affix a sticky magnet to the back, if the pan is not already magnetic (which these were not). If they ARE magnetic, then just put them into the palette!

Repeat all steps until you get something like this:

I also decided to cover up the MAC logo on the front, since these are not from MAC:

What do I do with the tokens??? I dunno... Use them to hold breath mints?

So, I'm pretty excited about my new "matte palette."

Because I'm all addicted to depotting now, I've decided that I will INDEED depot my Books of Shadows (along with my Deluxe palette) and it will take me a while - there are a lot of shadows, I have to decide which ones get to be in my Ultimate palette and which ones get to be Miscellaneous (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again!!! Geez!). So all of the square pans I'm depotting right now will just sit in a box until I order new Z Palettes. (BTW: 20% OFF Z-PALETTES NEXT MONDAY AND TUESDAY!!!!)


  1. Love that!

    If you don't have a straightening iron, can you use a lighter to heat up the bottom?

  2. I think so! I think you can also put them on a cookie sheet in the oven too.


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