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February Birchbox

I've signed up for this service from, where for $10 a month, I receive a box of 4 or 5 deluxe health/beauty/lifestyle samples to try out (meaning, not just the little one-use foil packets) from high-end companies. I just got my first box from them, so I thought I would take a little more care to document this, because I'm SUPER excited:

Have I teased enough yet?

Here's what I got:

Right off the bat, I was SUPER excited to see NARS in there, the only brand I recognized. The box is the size of a lipstick box, so I thought maybe it would be lipstick, but reading the front, I saw that it is Orgasm Illuminator!!! I have considered buying this before, but considering how rarely I would use it, I couldn't justify spending the money and getting such a big thing. I think this trial size will last me QUITE a while.

There's a mask from myfaceworks called i need to be firm - a collagen-boosting mask. (Like, it's an actual fold-out mask that you lay on your face, not just a cream to put on your skin.)

The little pot is from Pomega 5 - their Daily Revitalizing Concentrate. They're little daily capsules - my sample has four. Pomega 5 is a botanical skincare company, and its products are based on the Omega-5 oils from pomegranate seeds.

The white tube is the Night Cream from BeFine Food skincare, with cocoa, millet, and rice bran.

And really exciting! is the tin from sweetriot - "100% dark cacao nibs dunked in 70% dark chocolate with espresso" (Flavor 70).

I can't wait to give these a try!