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Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race!

I had a look to post yesterday, but didn't get to post it because I had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and just didn't feel like it.

So now that I've returned to the land of the living, I have two looks to post today, plus a major project!

Tuesday: Shadow Pencil Smoky

What's the point of being all excited about UD's new shadow pencils if I'm not going to use them, right? :) So I did:

I went for simple, since I didn't have a lot of time or energy (and isn't that why shadow pencils are convenient?)

On top of UDPP, I filled in my lid with Mercury (gray shadow pencil) and smudged out the line at the top (using the 24/7 Blending Brush). Then, working from my browbone downward, I filled in with the Sin shadow pencil and blended. That's it. I lined with Zero on my upper lash and Uzi on my lower lash, and then applied L'Oreal Voluminous mascara. Done.

In the end, it's not altogether that different from using regular shadows, but I can vouch that this eye look will NOT budge. I even tried - I felt like I didn't smudge the Mercury enough later on while I was in my car, and it would. not. budge. So, that's a plus over using regular powder shadows. In general, this was a faster process than applying powder shadow BECAUSE you can't smudge once the pencil sets, so you have to get everything done in a few seconds. So if you're looking for a quick way to apply makeup, you can't get any quicker than this one. (Well, you could use ONE shadow and not smudge much... I spent a lot of time blending and blending...)

Wednesday: A "Feminine" Look

In my post about the new UD palettes last night, I'd mentioned that I'd never thought to use Aquarius and Darkhorse together before, so I decided that I wanted to try it today. And I think I REALLY like it.

On top of UDPP, I applied Aquarius (silvery teal) all over my lid. Then I applied Darkhorse (from the Naked Palette) into my crease on the outer half and blended it a lot across the eye inward. I lined my upper lashline with UD pencil in Corrupt (from the 15th anniversary set; also previously available in the super stash set) and my lower lashline in Underground (permanent shade). Then applied MAC's Opulash mascara.

The reason why I'd never thought to put Darkhorse and Aquarius together is because I have Aquarius as a single, and Darkhorse in the Naked palette. In my makeup stash, unfortunately, all of my shadows exist in their own cliques: the singles all congregate in one drawer, the palettes in another. When I use single shadows, I usually just use them with other singles because they're all right there, and when I use palettes, I usually just draw from the same palette - I don't have a lot of time to rifle through drawers and look for this shade or that. This usually means that I am missing out on some brilliant color combos (as you saw above), as well as the fact that I'm not completely aware of which shades I do have or don't have. I recently took inventory of all my singles and palettes, and realized that I have a TON of repeats (like I said, I have more pans of Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow than I will wear in my life).

So... because I don't take on enough major projects in my life... I've decided to go through the process of depotting my eyeshadows, 1) to keep better track of what I own, 2) to make them more accessible to me, and 3) to make some room in my eyeshadow drawers!

I ordered some Z Palettes, which are open-form magnetized refillable palettes, meaning that you can fit in any size/shape makeup pan you want to. They come in two sizes. This is perfect for what I need them for, because UD palette pans are of various sizes and shapes, and I do want to put them all together.
Until my Z Palettes arrive, I'm keeping these safe in a craft storage container, far out of Jolie's reach.

There are different ways to depot shadows, and there are tutorials for them all over Youtube, as well as ways to fix the shadows you break when you depot. (See the brown color in that photo, Roach? I accidentally FLIPPED it out of its palette, and it broke and I had to re-press it.) I must've looked pretty weird buying a giant bottle of isopropryl alcohol, a medicine dropper, and a small utility knife at Walgreen's last night.

My plan is to depot all of my palettes except for my Naked palette (as my fellow Raveler/makeup fiend said, "Why mess with perfection?"), my deluxe palette, my black palette, my face cases, and my Books of Shadows. (Though, I'm still reconsidering those last ones.) Everything else is fair game. I also swapped for a 15-slot MAC pro pan palette to depot all of my matte eyeshadow singles - UD still hasn't released an actual matte palette, so in essence, I will be creating my own. I also at some point will depot all of my Wet n Wild Color Icon trios, because some of those eyeshadow combos, I wouldn't wear them together, but individually, those shades are just really gorgeous :)

It's a long slow process, mostly because  you need to do this carefully so you don't break anything, but also because empty palettes are pricey (depending on the size you buy), so I kind of have to acquire them gradually. But I'm really excited :) Sitting there with all my tools and color all over my hands makes me feel like an artist or something.