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Month of Blog, part 3: Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts.

1. My birthday is December 7, 1982
2. The seniors I'm currently advising are exactly 10 years younger than me. (I was class of 2001.)
3. I used to play piano, guitar, and bass. (Now I play roller derby.)
4. My favorite author is Jane Austen, and my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.
5. Though I am widely known among my friends as a knitter, I actually learned to crochet first.
6. I am obsessed with red lipstick. My derby name, Viva Glam, is the name of my favorite red (MAC's Viva Glam I).
7. My running shoes are a men's double-E width. So are my boyfriend's.
8. I have a Master's degree in English literature from UC Irvine. 
9. I named my daughter after a David Bowie song.
10. I have a very real fear of zombies (or zombie-like epidemics spreading through the land). Like, I am absolutely terrified of a zombie apocalypse. The thought keeps me up at night.


  1. don't worry so much about the zombies... you'll see the classic signs before things get bad and you'll be able to run to a safe place. i've always noticed that abandoned kids tricycles, cars on fire and left in the middle of the road and broken lawn ornaments (particularly flamingos) are the first signs that something has gone awry. if i notice any of these things in my parts i'll be sure to warn you so you can get prepared in case it spreads to your neighbourhood.


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