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Month of Blog, part 3: Day 04 - A picture of your night.

I didn't go to derby practice last night because I wasn't feeling up to it, so I stayed in, and did what I always do when I stay in: mess with my makeup.

My latest thing is trying to decide whether I want to keep my MAC Russian Red lipstick - since I usually gravitate towards blue-based reds that are darker, this lipstick is something totally new for me, being brighter and more orangey on me (even though on other people, it's more pinky/blue-based).

So I took this photo of myself to consult with people online about what they thought. What do YOU think?

Please bear in mind that my eye makeup was from earlier in the day (and why would I completely redo my eye makeup just to test out a lipstick?) - I would NEVER purposefully wear green eyeshadow and red lips. I definitely subscribe to the "Wear neutral eyes with red lips" rule.

Compare my photo to, say, this one of Dita von Teese wearing the same color:

(I'm just shooting myself in the foot, aren't I?
Who in the world would ever come out on top
in a comparison against Dita von Teese?)
It looks like a totally different lipstick on her because she's got totally different skin tones from me. (She also has the whole pinup glamour thing going on that suits the lipstick well. I have messy hair and a sweater.) But... can I pull it off anyway???

So... I haven't had a chance to test-run Russian Red in natural light yet. I really have to be careful with my bottom lip right now because it split the other day - it really hurts, and is slow to heal, and all my swatching last night didn't help. So I'm strictly lip balm until my mouth is all better.