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Month of Blog, part 3: Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist.

Well, what do you know?

I've actually been waiting for this blog topic to come up because my favorite band is RADIOHEAD and they just released a new album - by surprise! - on Friday.

New promotional photo!
Earlier in the week, on Facebook, they simply posted a link and "Thank you for waiting." And of course, we were all like, WTF??? And when you clicked the link, it took you to a website for their new album, with buying options and such. So of course, every single Radiohead fan just about pooped their pants. They told us that it would be available digitally on Saturday (yesterday), but then they ended up making it Friday instead.

And then the next day after their official announcement, they posted this:

And then we were even MORE excited!

I've had a chance to listen through once or twice, and I really like it. I swear, I'm not just saying it because it's Radiohead. (Though, Radiohead have rarely done anything that I don't like.) It's short, only 8 tracks, and it's really good background music - and I mean that in a good way. It's an album that you can put on and have playing while you're working, sitting, talking to other people, etc, and it's not going to intrude on your day, but it's also really GOOD music - when you WANT to pay attention to it, it definitely gives you something to pay attention to. That's what I mean when I say good background music; it's there when you want it to be, and when you need it to be in the background, it can be. Calling something good background music is a compliment, in my opinion, because it requires certain characteristics to fit that description.

Anyway... there are only 8 tracks, so I hope Radiohead will be releasing another album in the near future, because I like where they are going with this one.