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New Urban Decay palettes: Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun!

UD previewed their new upcoming palettes on their Facebook today. As always, the packaging looks awesome, but as always, they seem to be repeating old colors rather than coming up with new ones:

Obviously, the clearest shot we get is of the Feminine palette, which I have to say appeals to me the most, but I also have to say that I have ALL of those shades either in single form or in other palettes except SWF (and I bet I have another light pink somewhere). But they do all look good together - I never would've thought to put Aquarius (Summer of Love shade) and Darkhorse (was: exclusive only to Naked palette) together, and I'm thinking that I'm going to have to try that tomorrow :) I have more Midnight Cowboy than I will ever use in my lifetime.

The Dangerous palette looks interesting - Facebookers were speculating that the three shades reflected in the mirror are the ones in the Black palette - if so, that's pretty disappointing to me, because that's my least favorite palette. I can't tell what the teal shade is (though, I would guess Flipside? That one's a palette favorite), and I definitely have Mildew and Virgin (Naked palette exclusive), so... more repeats.

We can't see much of the Fun palette, but there's Uzi (the white shade) and Baked (the brown shade), and we're all guessing the pink shade is Woodstock (Summer of Love shade).

So... I can't wait to see more shades (and to confirm my guesses), but it's looking like these will be good purchases for UD newbies (especially if you don't have the Naked palette yet, as Darkhorse and Virgin are really pretty shades). Veterans and collectors might like them for the packaging.