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Painted Ladies Weekly Challenge #2: Your favorite hank of yarn

This one was a fun one.

So, before I go over the look that was inspired by my favorite hank of yarn, let me tell you a bit about my actual favorite hank of yarn.

When I first joined Ravelry years ago, I was a very active member in a group called The Bad Knit Girls. (I'm not in the group anymore, but just because I haven't been active in it in years, not for any bad reason.) Many of the BKG dye and spin their own yarn. One of them, craftypuppylover, decided to create a series of BKG-inspired yarns, drawing from the names and personalities of the various girls in the group. And guess what? I got to be one of those lucky women!

Before I was vivaglam on Ravelry (changed because that's my derby name), I was honeypeaches for a long time, so the yarn colors are inspired by that name:

Shades of peach and orange and gold and pink, all woven together. Here is the description craftypuppylover wrote for it, on her Etsy page. (You can tell that this was sometime during my pregnancy, so she was celebrating that as well.)

This made my day, and of course I had to buy it - it was BEAUTIFUL. However, it is still sitting amongst my other skeins of yarn, because I have yet to find a pattern that can measure up to the yarn. It is just impossible to find a pattern that can encapsulate what that yarn encapsulates in its natural form.

My eye look is inspired by the yarn that is inspired by me :)

*On top of UDPP, using all UD shadows:
- Free Love (peachy-coral shimmer) past the crease
- Woodstock (hot pink) into the crease
- Half-Baked (gold) on the browbone, and blended below

*Tarte emphasEYES inner rim pencil in black along the upper lash line (though, any black liner will do)
*UD eye pencil in Honey (a gold color - discontinued, but they have two other gold shades still) along the lower rim
* L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in very black
* Ardell lashes in 108

I tried to incorporate the colors from my yarn into the look, but I also was trying to incorporate a little of my honeypeaches spirit as well.