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I got my new Z Palettes today! So I finally put all my BOS pans into them, and I'm so happy to present to you... my Ultimate Palette!!

I actually spent a good hour or two trying to figure out which shadows would make the cut. It took me so long because I wasn't actually at home with all my makeup, so I had to look things up, decide how many pans I could fit based on someone else's photo, decide which non-BOS shadows (if any) I wanted to include that came in the same size pan, etc.

Once I'd gotten all the colors that were exclusive to the BOSes, the remaining spots were taken up by either 1) pans I didn't already have duplicates of from other palettes (like Romp, which I do have a single of), or 2) colors I DID have a lot of, but that I really love (like Flipside, Shattered, or Flash).

Here's my arrangement:

Top row: Deluxe palette pans (Hey, they fit there, so why not? I couldn't get another row of the BOS pans in there)
Zero, Underground, Honey, Graffiti, Peace, ransom, Fishnet, Scratch, Shag

Row 2: Midnight Cowgirl (not from a BOS, but the only one Midnight Cowgirl pan I had, and the only Midnight Cow-anything shade that I actually like), Gridlock, Shakedown (obviously not the same as the matte one), Homegrown, Flipside, Goddess, Psychedelic Sister, Flash, X

Row 3: Nylon, YDK, Loaded, Kush, Shattered, Jinx, Rockstar, Ecstasy, Snatch

Row 4: Sidecar, Stray Dog, Protest, Money, Painkiller, Radium, Romp, Bordello (I love this one!), and Scandal

Bottom row: Suspect, Mushroom, Absinthe, Misdemeanor (it broke! :( ), Haight, Mayhem, AC/DC, Sphynx, and Sin 

So that is my "ultimate palette," just because if I lost it, I would be REALLY hard-pressed to replace most of those colors.

The rest of my square pans, the ones I had many duplicates of or that I didn't care for much, were relegated to the Miscellaneous Palette:

There were a select few pans that were able to fit in my large Zebra palette (which I posted previously), and those got to go there because there wasn't enough room in the Ultimate for them, but they weren't quite "Miscellaneous."

So, here's my full Z-Palette collection:

Space-saving, arranged more practically, easier to access. This was a fun project. I'm kind of sad that I've depotted all the palettes that I had wanted to. (There's no way I'm taking apart my Naked Palette.)

What to depot now? I'm holding off on my UD singles, just because I don't feel like I'm "done" with acquiring them yet. I DO, however, have a bunch of Wet n Wild trios that are begging to be combined... hmm... I'm going to have to wait until Z Palette's next sale...