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First impressions: BeneFit's b.right! Radiant Skincare

I'm a Sephora VIB (Very Important Beauty insider), which means only one thing... that I spend entirely too much money on makeup. Okay, what it also means is that Sephora rewards me handsomely for my loyalty.

Recently, VIBs received an email for a gift-with-purchase consisting of trial sizes of products from BeneFit Cosmetics' new line, b.right! Radiant Skincare, which I was really excited about when I first heard of it, so I was eager to get my hands on the samples. (No, I'm not cool enough to be sent samples for consideration - we beginner bloggers have to pay our own way.)

The trial set came with a face wash (Foamingly Clean, a one-step cleanser, meaning that it also removes makeup), a moisturizer (Triple Performing Facial Emulsion), and an eye cream (It's Potent!, supposed to fade dark circles and reduce fine lines, things I do care about.) I'm a sucker for product packaging, and BeneFit usually never disappoints, so I was not surprised that I totally fell in love with these, even in their small sizes:

Foamingly Clean:
I didn't get to test its full power as a makeup remover, as I'm a big fan of Clinique's Take The Day Off, but the mascara/eyeliner residue that was left was totally removed easily. The face wash is a cream consistency and lathers up really, really easily (which I like - Purity Made Simple does not lather up well at all, for me). My skin did not feel too tight afterwards.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion:
I'm not gonna lie: as cute as the glass bottle is, it is kind of a PITA to get lotion out of. The lotion is not liquidy, which I like, but I had to do some ketchup-bottle smacking to get the lotion out onto my palm. Immediately after applying, the lotion felt greasy (though not heavy) on my face, which is not surprising, considering that it contains SPF 15 (so it felt a bit like applying greasy sunscreen, though it claims to be oil-free). The greasy feeling went away after a few minutes though, and my skin actually ended up feeling really smooth and soft and hydrated. However, I did apply before bedtime, so I have yet to see how this stands up to the day and how it feels under makeup. (The instructions leaflet that came with my samples said that it is good for morning and night.) We will see tomorrow. PS - The FAQ on BeneFit's site says that the difference between this lotion and the other one (Total Moisture Facial Cream) is that this is a lightweight lotion and the other one is a "rich, emollient cream," so if you want something lighter rather than heavier, go with this one.

It's Potent! Eye Cream:
It's supposed to fade dark circles, which is not something I'd be able to see after just one use, but I can feel that my undereye area is softer, more hydrated after applying this eye cream, which I like, because some eye creams I've tried before are either so light that they do nothing, or so heavy that they just sit on top of my undereye skin and don't absorb. Like the lotion, the eye cream felt a little greasy going on, but absorbed quickly. I'll know how well it fades anything after a couple of weeks.

In general:
The products have this floral scent that I find really pretty and refreshing, but my boyfriend swears he could smell it from the down the hallway, and he doesn't like it. *shrug* So to each his own.

These are all just first impressions, of course - the true effectiveness of skincare products won't become apparent until they've been used for a while, which is why I appreciate having these trial sizes, because nothing is more frustrating than shelling out tons of money on skincare and finding out that they either don't work for your skin or, worse, that they irritate your skin. Upon first use, my skin seemed to absorb the products just fine, so I was glad for that. I will continue to use these until I run out - I think I will run out of the facial cleanser first, since the amount in a single use is more than, say, the eye cream - and give some further thoughts down the line.

All in all, my interest is piqued and I definitely want to keep using them. Kudos to BeneFit!