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NYX's Nude on Nude palette

Haven't had a chance to swatch it yet, but here are some photos. 10 lipglosses and 20 eyeshadows for $25 - if you can't afford the Naked palette (or just haven't been able to get your hands on it), then this might be a good alternative. One of the reasons why the Naked palette is so popular is because of the value - 12 full-sized eyeshadows and a full-sized eyeshadow brush for $48 - and it's all neutrals (not-crazy colors), and UD is well-known for the quality of their shadows. Nude on Nude is also a great value for a huge range of neutrals, of great quality, for very little money.

The lipgloss is in a drawer that pulls out

10 eyeshadows on the left half

10 eyeshadows on the right half

5 lipglosses on the left half

5 lipglosses on the right half