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Review: Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun palettes from Urban Decay

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So I'm finally getting around to writing up some thoughts about these palettes, which I posted about a waaaay long time ago when UD first previewed them on their Facebook. Now that I've had some time to work with them, I can review them.

Because I constantly use Urban Decay, I'm not going to comment about the quality of the eyeshadows or swatch them. I've probably used all of these colors at some point, and it's probably obvious that I think UD has the best eyeshadows ever. If you're new to Urban Decay, it probably won't bother you that there are no new or exclusive colors in these palettes. My favorite UD products are their eyeshadows, eye pencils, and primer potion, so any (or all) of these palettes are a sweet treat. Overall, I think they're a great sampling of UD's best, in collections that will suit different color personalities. These are great palettes all around

What I have been thinking about in regards to these palettes, as someone who is a pretty seasoned UD veteran, are the way they are put together, and it is in that regard that I have a couple nitpicks.

Here are close-ups of the palettes, courtesy of UD's website:

Also comes with Eden primer potion

Also comes with Greed primer potion

Also comes with Original primer potion
Having used these palettes for a while (I've been putting together my "5 days, 5 ways" for each one), I really feel the lack of mattes. Granted, UD pretty much never puts mattes in any palettes except the Naked Palette, and the reason why I miss mattes is because I'm trying to do looks exclusively using what's in the palette (which I would never do normally) - but if I actually was a newbie to UD (or even makeup in general), and all I had was one of these palettes, I'd have a whole LOT of shimmer. And UD's glitter shadows (Midnight Cowboy, Oil Slick, and Uzi) don't have the best reputation when it comes to fallout.

The other nitpick I have are the choice of eyeliners. I understand that they are trying something new (because I do have a growing collection of Zero eye pencils), but I think the choices could've been better. The Dangerous palette has Rockstar as its eyeliner, a color I have always loved, but considering the eyeshadow choices in the palette, a dark brownish purple doesn't always work - it doesn't show up particularly well against Oil Slick and Gunmetal (as they're quite dark), and unless you're really into a green-purple color combo, I think it's a little odd with Mildew. (I'm sure it could work, but I don't think I would ever wear those two colors together, personally.) I think the Dangerous palette should've come with black (because isn't smudgy black eyeliner and dark smoky eyes the epitome of sultry and dangerous?). The Feminine palette is mostly soft pastel, the darkest being Ecstasy, which applies rather sheer anyway. I think that one would've benefited from having an eye pencil in Rockstar or Whiskey, given that there are two brown shadows in the palette. The Fun palette works well to have Oil Slick, which is a black, but isn't DARK black due to the sparkles.

The Fun palette, however, lacks some anchoring colors in its eyeshadow selection. The other two palettes have colors that definitely work as brow highlights (Midnight Cowboy in the the Feminine palette, and Virgin in the Dangerous palette) and dark crease/eye-lining colors (Darkhorse in the Feminine palette, and Oil Slick or Gunmetal in the Dangerous palette). The Fun palette has two decent brow highlight choices in Uzi and Sin, though Uzi at times is a bit chunky to wear that way. But the only dark-enough color is Psychedelic Sister, which isn't dark enough to be worn against Woodstock or Flipside. (And it doesn't really go, you know?) I can see why they put all those colors together in the Fun palette, because sitting next to each other in their pans or worn alone, they look really fun! But it will be a real challenge to wear them in combinations.

In the end, I think the best one is the Feminine palette, because the colors are great individually and together, in a different number of combinations, but then again, they are all very basic, safe colors. If you're just starting out, or if your life requires a generally more conservative makeup look, that one's your best bet. The other two are good if you can get away with them. Which I guess, if you are Dangerous or Fun, you can :)