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Urban Decay Oil Slick vs. Sugarpill Stella

 I am a woman of many burning questions, and here's one I can answer for myself: How does Sugarpill Stella compare to Urban Decay Oil Slick?

As you can see by the swatches, Stella is a lot darker, more pigmented with roughly the same amount of product. And as you can't see by the swatches, Oil Slick is coarser in texture, and has comparatively large glitter. (To be technical, Oil Slick has glitter, but Stella has sparkle. They're two different things, I guess.) I didn't really pay attention to fallout, but I imagine they would be similar, what with Stella being a loose shadow and Oil Slick being a typical UD glitter shadow (lots of glitter all over your face).

The winner here? Well, I've never been especially fond of Oil Slick anyway. Stella is a lot smoother and darker. And the sparkles are multicolored, whereas Oil Slick's glitter is all silver. Plus, Sugarpill gives you a full 5 grams of product for $12, whereas Urban Decay gives you 0.05 grams for $17, so you can't beat that, right? Not to mention the fact that if you already own a few UD palettes, you probably have Oil Slick in SPADES.