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I'm not labeling these "Try this look" because I was just having fun and seeing how colors work together, and seeing what I can come up with. I'm posting them just so I can sort of keep track of them (like an artist's notebook or something =P):

Attempt 1:
I've had this color combo stuck in my head all week, and didn't have time to try it until now:

[Sugarpill pressed shadows: Afterparty (inner), Tako (middle), Dollipop (outer), Poison Plum (crease)
UD eye pencil in Perversion]

Notes: VERY opaque pigmentation! I chose Perversion because it would also be very solid black. I'd like to try this again but make it look more like a gradient than three blocks of color - need to blend better. Couldn't come up with something for the lower lash line to go with it.

Attempt 2:
Trying to do something Giants-inspired :) Though, when I get my Sugarpill Burning Heart palette, I'll have a REALLY bright orange!

[Concrete Minerals Napalm all over the lid, Black Metal blended into the corners and across the crease. Sugarpill Bulletproof on the very inner and outer corners, and applied with a thin brush into the crease, forming a line. Sweet Libertine glitter shadows in Foxy on top of the orange parts and Maximum Overdrive on top of the black parts]

Notes: The orange got too muddied by the black :( I kept reapplying more orange, but it just never brightened up.