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FO: Sweaterbabe's Sleeveless Cowl Neck

I knit this using under 3.5 skeins of Paton's Wool in Water Chestnut, on size 11's.

This was a SUPER quick knit, and not too hard to follow. I think that the way the instructions were written could have been simplified a lot more, but on the whole, it was easy. The lace pattern was actually really easy to memorize, and the only part that seemed to drag was the ribbing on the neck (and I've had worse).

I have to say, the armholes are HUGE until you pick up stitches to do the ribbed edging. I was quite worried it'd end up looking like some sort of muscle shirt, but once you do the sleeve edging, it makes it look more like a normal sleeveless sweater. I do wish the shoulder tops had more support, though - it is still pretty heavy, despite the lace and large gauge, and it really pulls on the shoulders. Something a little more solid would've been nice.

Sorry for the crappy resolution photo :)


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