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Urban Decay's Quinceanera Bag photos

The second 15th anniversary UD item:

I ordered it the day it was available, because 1) I want to collect all their 15th anniversary items (I already have the pencil set), and 2) I was in the market for a cool makeup bag anyway, and probably would've spent the same for a Tokidoki or Harajuku Lovers bag. (I need to LURVE how it looks, or I won't use it. So it needs to be awesome-looking. And this one is.)

Even though I read the dimensions online, I was still surprised by how large it was. I guess this is more for traveling than throwing in a purse, but it's hard for me to find the happy medium of bags anyhow. Here it is with my hand for reference (excuse the nails):

It's verrrrry glittery and purple, with a gold zipper and zipper pulls. The zipper pulls have the UD logo on them:

The whole bag is your usual makeup-bag plastic, except for the satin side panels. The inside is lined with the same UD anniversary logo stamping that is on the outside of the pencil set, and there's one zippered pocket along one side:

All in all... it's just a makeup bag :) It's nothing special or high-tech, so if you're not particular about makeup bags, you'd probably do better buying one at Target or something. But if you're like me and you NEED to have a cool-looking bag from UD to carry around your UD products, then get this one :)


  1. I just got my Quinceanera bag and it does not look nice and rectangular like in your photos at all. It came squished and I can't get it to hold the right shape. You can see my photos and comments here:

  2. Mine was deformed a little too! I stuffed it with a shirt for the photos.


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