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Wet 'n' Wild Spring Break! Day 1

No beer, no bikinis... my spring break this week consists of quality time with my makeup stash. But in honor of the annual week of debauchery that so many young people celebrate (and I do NOT count myself as a "young person" anymore), I've decided to delve into my Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon shadows.

I've had this stash of WnW trios, six-color palettes, and their new eight-color palettes for a while now, but haven't gotten around to using any of them yet because, well, they're overwhelming! Not because they're bright (Me? Afraid of bright colors? No way!) but because they're arranged to go together, and some of them, I think, do NOT go together. But having them grouped as such (and they even have "crease" and "eyelid" and "browbone" pressed into them!) makes it hard for me to color outside the lines, and since I haven't swatched any of them either, I have no idea how they look. (One of my eventual projects is to depot ALL of the pans and make huge mega palettes arranged by color.)

Anyway... there are a few trios that look like they make sense, and for the look I'm wearing today, I was fine with using the colors as labeled:

This is the Knock on Wood trio, from the initial release of Color Icon trios. (There was an initial group of six trios and three 6-color palettes, and this year, they've released six more trios and three 8-color palettes.)

- UDPP Original
- I pretty much used the trio as instructed - eyelid color on the eyelid, crease color in the crease, etc. I used the browbone color to diffuse the crease a bit.
- UD eye pencil in Rockstar along upper lash line
- Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash mascara