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An Ode to Dragonfly

This color is magic. I'd always wanted to try Dragonfly, and once it was finally restocked, I JUMPED on it, having heard so many great things. And I was NOT disappointed.

In the jar, so innocuous. A reddish brown. 

But on the eyes?

On top of the NYX Taupe I was wearing today, it's a beautiful brown shimmer with a metallic touch. Simply gorgeous. The iridescent duochrome finish DOES look exactly like the skin of a dragonfly's wings.

On top of dark colors? (In this case, UD's Barracuda and Black Dog eyeshadows from the Black Palette.) SO amazing! It's like it becomes a different color.

I know of one other color that looks like this - Urban Decay's Lounge. But Lounge is much redder than Dragonfly, and doesn't have as much iridescence:

There is actually another color, but it is almost a dupe for Lounge - it is one of the Definer colors from Wet 'n' Wild's Comfort Zone 8-Color palette.

Dragonfly is a lovely, lovely color, and I absolutely recommend snapping one up (especially since Sweet Libertine often has generous impromptu sales!) It's a wonderful, special color to have in your collection.


  1. Have you tried SL's Striptease yet? It does some similar stuff, totally different color but I think you'd love it for layering.

  2. Yes!!! Striptease was in my very first order from SL, and I love it SO much. I think it's my favorite SL color.

    Another one that is just totally gorgeous is Sugarpill's Lumi. It's white and layers blue over a dark base.


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