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30 Things Before I'm 30, Item 22: Run a 5k

Unlikely runners make great running buddies :)
Me and my friend Becca

I've done 5k's before (just posted about one last month!), but never really RUN them, so I made it a goal to run one (which I define as, running at a higher ratio than walking.)

Unfortunately, I had lots of time to prepare for this one, but my training this past month and a half has fallen flat - just, LOTS going on in my life. But still, I went in with two goals: to maintain a 5:00/1:00 Run-walk interval, and to keep a pace of less than 15:00 per mile.

And I did it!!! I'm still waiting on official results, but my Garmin tells me I kept a 14:46 pace. (It also told me that I ran 3.25mi instead of 3.1, so we'll see my official pace is actually under 15. *ETA* It's not - it was 15:26.) And more importantly than the time, I kept up my interval. I was starting to die a bit towards the end but I made it, and got some cool swag:

Finishers' shirt

Champagne glass, chocolate, and finishers' medal

Close-up of the medal
I consider this goal met :)

Now on to the 10k in July!

Seriously, how fabulous do we look in this picture?