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Day 1 of WFTDA Minimum Skills Testing

Ah, today was the first time I've ever made it through a day of WFTDA Min Skills testing without bursting into tears. I'm serious. If you recall my previous posts from my two stints at SVRG's bootcamp, I psyched myself out pretty fiercely and sealed my own doom. (And I can categorically say that 90% of my failure was mental, as opposed to not actually being able to complete the skill.)

Today we did:
- basic skating/form, crossovers
- coasting on one foot
- coasting in a squat
- skating in a squat
- cutting across the track
- T-stops
- Plow stops
- 180 knee falls
- Single knee falls
- Double knee falls
- Sprawl falls
- Figure 4 falls
- Jumping over an object
- One-legged hopping over an object
- Stepping side to side and back and forth

There were only a couple things that I really don't think I passed, but I know that it's not because I CAN'T do them - I've just been off skates for two weeks, and am a little rusty. The things I didn't pass today, I KNOW that I will pass them on a retest :) So it's all good :)

Thursday, though, I am DEFINITELY nervous about!


My results so far: I passed every skill!! Except jumping, which I knew I didn't pass because I fell the first time, and the second time I was wobbly. But I'm not heartbroken, because I know that jumping is something I almost never practice, so I should probably do that in case we retest it Thursday :)