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Viva (Glam) Las Vegas!

In a little less than 12 hours, I will be on my way to the airport to fly to ROLLERCON in Las Vegas!

I have been uber-excited for the last couple of weeks, and ESPECIALLY the last couple of days, since the scrimmage. For the first time, I really feel like I've stepped solidly through the Doorway of Derby - I've finally overcome the hurdle of passing the Minimum Skills Test, which has taken me a year and a half to do, I've found a league that I love DEARLY and have no misgivings about whatsoever, and I've COMPETED for the first time (not a bout, but not 15 minutes at the end of practice either - there were refs and NSOs and stuff!) I finally feel like I am ON MY WAY, and now I just have to bust my ass to make the bout roster for November.

Anyway, so I'm leaving tomorrow for Rollercon, which is a huge, week-long derby extravaganza with bouts, challenges, seminars, on- and off-skates athletic training, social events, and vendors. I had figured out a schedule initially based on my skater status at the time (not scrimmage-safe yet), but now that I am, there is a whole host of options that are open to me now, including joining in on open scrimmages!

So here's my tentative schedule. We'll see how it goes, especially where I've scheduled myself back-to-back classes or seminars. I might just be too tired, but we'll see:

Some of these may be really crowded too. I have no sense of which ones will be the popular seminars. I hope I get to attend most of these. 

I'm excited! I will try to take lots of pictures and stuff.