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School daze

Today was the first day of the new school year, and I have to say, I feel pretty energized. Is it possible to feel energized and exhausted at the same time? I feel physically exhausted just because it's been a long day, and I was mostly on my feet. But I feel energized because I think today went pretty well, and I'm excited to start anew.

Everyone's doing resolutions for the new school year, so here are mine:

- Stay on top of the grading. I'm notorious for waiting weeks and weeks to grade essays, and that does no one any good. So this year, I'm going to give myself a couple of days after they come in, but then they will be graded.

- Revamp reading in class. Reading has always been problematic for me - if I ask them to read alone, they won't; if I ask them to read aloud, it's kind of, um, excruciating; and if I read aloud to them, I get really, really tired and start to lose my voice. I need a new way to do this.

- Minimize my messing around on the computer during class. I should save it for passing periods or lunch.

- Actually enforce my own rules and guidelines. If I'm requiring MLA headings, then I should demand them, and not be such a softy.

- Be more proactive about contacting parents. I'm having them call/email me, so I should take advantage of that. The PE department has a policy that anyone who is failing receives a phone call home. Maybe I should do the same. And maybe I should try some contacting for positive reasons too.