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Ain't no rest for the wicked

This weekend:
Saturday: Seeing my friend Lillian star in August Osage County.
Sunday: Official team photoshoot and then scrimmaging the Undead Bettys in Antioch.

Next weekend:
Friday: My friend Kathleen's open house for her baking business, A Spoonful of Sugar
Saturday: John & Mary's family wedding party thingy
Sunday: Wine tasting with my friend Lisa

(Tuesday: Circuit Jerks mixed B&W scrimmage)

The weekend after that:
Saturday: (While PRG is bouting in Redding) Lisa's baby's birthday party
Sunday: NIKE WOMEN'S MARATHON with Becca wooooo

The following weekend after that:
Sunday: SVRG Halloween tournament

The weekend after that:
Friday: PRG and RRR present MONSTER SKATE!! A fundraiser to benefit PRG

The weekend after that (which is the first weekend of November):
Saturday: PRG bouting against Mountain Derby Girls in Sonora

And then...
The weekend after that is WFTDA nationals. (Okay, all this means is that I will be camped out in front of my laptop, but still. It's an occasion!)
The weekend after THAT is BADG open scrimmage.
The weekend after THAT is Thanksgiving.

And I believe the following weekend after Thanksgiving, which happens to be the first weekend in December and the weekend immediately before my 29th birthday, is most likely the day the weekend that PRG will have their holiday superbash that I'm organizing.

And then the next weekend is Red Red Holiday.

And then the next weekend is another BADG open scrimmage, as well as the start of Xmas break.

How's that for busy?

And somewhere in there is, you know, my job and my family. And I've got a couple big projects on the needles right now, in addition to whatever I'll be trying to get done for Nerd Wars. (Don't ask.) And I have to, like, sleep and stuff. And shower.