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30 Things Before I'm 30, Item #1: Learn how to spin yarn

This one wasn't originally a part of my list, but I eventually decided to add this one on to replace a different goal, because I really HAVE always wanted to learn how to do this.

Today, my sister-in-law Jen and I set out for Yarndogs in Los Gatos to take a class on how to spin wool roving into yarn using a drop spindle:

Now why would anyone want to spin their own yarn, when you could totally buy yarn ready-made? Well, you're asking someone who wants to knit her own sweaters and hats even though I could totally buy them ready-made =P It's because you can't always find yarn like that. Or maybe you can, but it's not the weight you want it to be. Or maybe you just enjoy the feeling of making something with your own two hands. Maybe you just like the feel of something soft between your fingers.

At any rate, two years ago, I bought a "Learn to spin" kit that came with the above spindle and roving and a dvd that made no sense to me. I tried Youtube videos, and …


As awesome as this photo looks, my arms right now cannot straight or lift things up without total soreness. I would shake my fist but it hurts!

Violet Delights

Using the Urban Decay's Mariposa palette...

- UDPP Original
- UD's Infamous all over the lid
- UD's Rockstar into the crease
- UD's Skimp to highlight/blend crease
- Sugarpill's Dollipop applied to the center of the lid
- UD's eye pencil in Rockstar along the upper lash line
- UD's eye pencil in Asphyxia along the lower lash line
- MAC Zoom Fast Lash mascara

Open letter

Dear Pedestrian from This Morning,

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Please keep this in mind. When you walk a path that resembles a quadratic equation I would've learned about in high school math class, you're wasting my time.


30 Things Before I'm 30, Item #14 - Attend Dickens Fair

It should come as no shock to you that I am a lover of 19th century British literature. The Romantics and the Victorians were absolutely my favorite periods of literature, along with the corresponding American period of literature of transcendentalism. I LOVE it.

So of course, attending the annual Dickens Christmas Fair that is held up near San Francisco has been on my to-do list for a long time. It's like a pilgrimage to the holy land of Victorian nerdiness. It's like Ren Faire in that there are TONS of people decked out in full costume, appropriate food from the period, and shows and dancing. It's like stepping straight into the pages of a Dickens novel. Putting on my most Victorian piece of clothing (my cropped red waistcoat), I got ready to step back into 19th century London.

It's a beautiful life

See how it all began! PRG celebrates its first year of existence this month, and we couldn't be prouder of how far we've come. We're currently at about 50 members (and still growing!), we have bouted for the first time, and we have WON our first victory. And 2012 has SO much more in store...

This morning...

I ate a SAUSAGE McGRIDDLE for breakfast.

WTF is wrong with me?

PS - They forgot to put the peppermint in my peppermint hot chocolate. Jerkfaces.

Simple smoky with the Naked Palette 2

It's been a while since I've done a beauty post! I haven't stopped wearing makeup, I just haven't had much time to blog what I'm wearing. But I did definitely want to post something using Naked 2, since I'm pretty excited about having it :)

So here's a really basic smoky eye:

And here's what I used:

The three colors I happen to use are not widely available - Pistol is exclusive to this palette; Verve is otherwise available only in the Rollergirl palette; and Blackout is otherwise available only in the 15th Anniversary palette. I will link you to Temptalia's review of Naked 2, as she has good swatches and is very thorough in identifying possible dupes. Otherwise, I would just recommend choosing a dark shade, a medium shade, and a light shade, in whatever color family you choose. Some people like silvers/grays, some like browns, some like crazy-colored smoky eyes in purple or green... it's up to you.

I'm going to outline the steps, since I ge…

Mine, all mine...



Just ordered mine. Happy birthday to meeeeeeee