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DIY lipstick organizer

In reorganizing my makeup collection last night, I realized that I really need to get my lipstick situation under control! They were just sitting loose in a drawer (a couple drawers), and especially when you have lots from the same brand, it's hard to easily tell which one is which without picking up every single one to read the bottom.

A long time ago, I saw this tutorial from makeup artist EnKore, about how to make your own organizer using cardboard boxes. I've always wanted to make one, but never got around to it because it's kind of tedious, time-consuming work. But finding myself with some spare time yesterday, I finally decided to bite the bullet and make one. Mine isn't nearly as neat or tidy as his is (can you tell that I colored outside the lines in art class?), but it works well enough for me.

As you can see, I've saved a ton of space, and I can easily find exactly what shade I'm looking for.

(My only problem is that Urban Decay's stupid - but awesome! - lipsticks are too tall to fit in my drawer standing up, and that they have their tubes inverted to begin with, so I can't put them in my holder. GRRR.)