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Gratuitous eyeliner!!!!!

Urban Decay's pencils (regular and shadow) are my holy grail product. If I ever lost everything in my makeup collection, I would be most heartbroken about losing these. They're creamy, budgeproof, and for the most part extremely well-pigmented, and they come in a huuuuuge range of colors, as you can see above.

Having little else to do on a Saturday night, I decided to swatch them all. This collection includes some limited edition shades and some discontinued ones as well. They were swatched on bare skin (no primer).

(Shadow pencils are denoted; otherwise, they are the regular eye pencil shades)

Midnight Cowboy, Sin shadow pencil, Midnight Cowboy shadow pencil, Lit shadow pencil, Honey, Eldorado, Baked, Lucky

Woodstock, Asphyxia, Morphine shadow pencil, Delinquent shadow pencil, Ransom, Lust, 1999, Crash, Rockstar, Empire

Clash shadow pencil, Electric, Flipside, Radium, Deviant, Binge

Junkie, Clinic shadow pencil, Covet, Graffiti, Narc shadow pencil, Mildew, Stash

Juju shadow pencil, Stray Dog, Rehab shadow pencil, Underground, Bourbon, Whiskey, Corrupt, Wasteland shadow pencil, Demolition

Perversion, Zero, Oil Slick, Barracuda shadow pencil, Mercury shadow pencil, Uzi, Gunmetal, Dime, Yeyo