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Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (version 2) isn't really a hidden treasure.

I was really excited when I saw this at Walgreen's:

When Sally Hansen released the first Hidden Treasure polish, it was a HUGE DEAL and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE except for on Ebay for a ridiculous amount of money. It was this amazing thing that transformed your nail polish into this awesome abalone-shell-iridescent effect (eh, google it), and it was nowhere to be found, thanks to the blogosphere.

So this is the new Hidden Treasure - it's also iridescent, with a purple sheen. But it noticeably lacks the flakes of glitter that made the first one so magical. Does it measure up?

Here's two coats of it alone:

And here's one coat of it over one coat of a dark gray polish I had:

In both cases, it's beautiful, but it's just not the same. Yeah, it does duochrome-y things, but  it's just not the same.

I AM DISAPPOINT :( I mean, it's a gorgeous color regardless, but it shouldn't be called Hidden Treasure.