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Urban Decay Spring 2012: Go pink!!!

As much as I am on a constant search for red lipsticks and glosses, I must confess that I have a MUCH harder time finding the perfect pink - not just finding the right undertone, but also just finding the right shade for my skin tone. I can wear a bright fuschia pink just fine (I LOVE Urban Decay's Jilted lipstick), but when it comes to the lighter, paler pinks, it's hard to find one that doesn't look too chalky. So far, I've found some MAC that works, and I like them a lot. But when I saw these two new releases from Urban Decay, I had to give them a try.

New for spring are the Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Rashad (available from UD's website) and the Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color pencil in Lovechild (available exclusively at Sephora; there's also a lipstick of the same name). I have both the Pocket Rocket and the gloss pencil in other shades, so I'm a big fan of the formulas, and I was pleased about how both looked on me.

This is the gloss pencil. It's kind of a candy pink on me, not bright but not too pale either. It's got a bit of a shine to it (but not like a liquid gloss). I chose to apply lightly, but I think this could be opaque if I wanted it to. (I think that would look weird on me though.) I have this in F-bomb as well, and it's a GREAT red.

This is the Pocket Rocket. As you can see, though it looks bright in the tube, it goes on sheer. Just a touch of pink. I think I could totally wear this every day - it's subtle enough to go with a lot of different eye looks. As you can also see, it's super-shiny.

I used to HATE the Pocket Rockets, because I couldn't stand the scent. I'm not sure why or how... but now I kinda like it. In some weird way. The thing is, I love the brush applicator, and I love the formula - it TOTALLY makes my lips soft and smooth, without fail. I guess I just learned to love it, because this is my third one.

I haven't tested either for wear time, but I'm not a great judge of that. I'm not sure how people can eat with lip color on - I start getting paranoid about getting it all over my food, and in the end, I just wipe it ALL off before I eat, and then reapply later. And I'm kind of ALWAYS eating. *shrug*

But anyway, I'm totally in love with both of these! They look great and they feel great on. Hooray for pink Urban Decay stuff! :)