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An Open Letter to Urban Decay

Photo from UD's FB page

Dear Urban Decay,

I have been a fan of yours since I was fifteen years old. I'm nearly 30 now, so we've been "together" for half my life. So please take what I say into consideration, because I mean it in a "caring, sharing" kind of way:

Yeah, all the new eyeshadow singles in their shiny new cases are pretty, but anyone doing the math could see that paying over $100 for to create a 6-shadow palette is ridiculous, considering how you've released two mega palettes with 12 full-size shadows for $50. Seriously? What are you trying to pull? Palettes are supposed to be CHEAPER.

And your new pop-out system is dumb for those of us who've been longtime fans/eyeshadow collectors and who've already been seeking a streamlined solution for storage. I have to say, MAC had the right idea, because their Pro Pans (which are CHEAPER than buying the eyeshadow single) are just the magnetic pan by itself, and they fit in a number of different palette systems. Hell, Urban Decay, YOUR eyeshadow pans fit into these palette systems too - I've spent many long hours going through the trouble of depotting them. But now, I can't use any of the new pop-out eyeshadow singles with my palettes (unless I depot them, which is irreversible), and I can't use any of my existing depotted eyeshadows with your new palette (unless I just stick magnets in the bottom and just accept the fact that it's going to look weird).

You see, Urban Decay - the thing is, I kind of feel like you're always screwing over your loyal fans in some way or another. It's nothing major, and nothing malicious, but doing stuff like including the exact same eyeshadow shades in five or six (or almost all) of your palettes (you even repeated the same color in BOTH your Naked palettes!) or including the same eyeliner with everything (I had to give away a bunch of my Zero pencils!) punishes your longtime fans by having us waste money or space on things we already have. Because of course we're going to keep buying them if you throw in one or two "exclusive" colors (that you end up repromoting anyway). (Truly. My hand has been forced.)

Sometimes you get it right, like the original Naked palette and the Anniversary palette, but then stuff happens, like how the Naked palette was unavailable for months, and how the Anniversary palette packaging was beautiful but impractical and is now unavailable anyway, and both can still be found on Ebay for upwards of $90, which benefits neither you nor your customers. Sigh.

The palette case itself looks cute, but bulky. That's nice that it comes with an eyeshadow brush and an eyeshadow (Walk of Shame), but what if people want to buy multiple palette cases? Then they're stuck with multiple brushes and eyeshadows. Not a smart move.

In sum:
- Offer a discount if people are buying a palette case and multiple shadows
- Offer the palette case at a substantially cheaper price, without any extras
- It's too late now, but switching to a metal pan system would've been the better way to go.

Urban Decay, my dearest, if you are as good as they say at listening to your customers, then please think through everything I've said. I want us to have a long and healthy life together, but not if I feel like you're trying to screw me over.

I'll be watching you.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Hi, I'm not an avid UD user but I do own a few items and I totally agree with everything you said.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's totally frustrating. UD products are high quality, and prettily packaged, but it's like they don't take all their customers into account.

      I have absolutely no reason to buy any of the new eyeshadows (until I use one up, but that rarely happens).

  2. Agreed. When I started my makeup journey, I got into UD. Heck, their palettes used to be the easiest thing for me to gift to my makeup junkie friends. Now at the rate they're pricing, I'm better off wearing their champagne eyeshadow primer as a highlight rather than buy actual eyeshadow from them. I understand having a high quality product, but there's really no reason to short change customers who've supported the brand for so long.


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