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Paleo check-in

Day 23 on the Paleo diet

Starting weight: 203.5
Today's weight: 192.9
Pounds lost: 10.6
Number of workouts this week: 2 derby practices (well, 3 if you count last night's)

I'm a little late on checking in this week - it was kind of a busy weekend.

So, oddly, my weight didn't budge even a tenth of a pound for almost a full week, until this morning, and all of a sudden, it dropped a pound. Weird, huh? I can chalk this up to a few things:

- I think I'm PMSing. I've been feeling crampy and emotional, and my chin is breaking out like it normally does at this time every month. The symptoms are a lot less than usual (probably thanks to Paleo), but still there.

- I didn't sleep much for the last week. Late nights, early mornings. Lack of sleep affects your cortisol levels and all that.

- I wasn't as vigilant about eating my veggies. I had what you could call a "lazy week," although I did not eat anything that wasn't Paleo. I just... ate a lot more meat and fat than veggies this week. It's what my body was craving. (Which is normal for that time of the month, isn't it?)

I'm pleased to have met the 10 pound mark. May there be many more.