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They're following you, Runner Five! The swarm from the carpark! THEY'RE FOLLOWING YOU. RUN!!!!

Mission control told me that if I didn't stop in the abandoned hospital to pick up some medical supplies, they wouldn't admit me into the township. What choice did I have? Thus began the MOST exciting treadmill run of my life. Currently on the iPhone; coming to Android on June 14th I've had the "Zombies, Run!" app on my phone for a while, but never got around to trying it out until tonight. Partly because I've been lazy about running, but also because - don't laugh! - I am totally afraid of zombies, for real. I'm not joking. I lie awake at night, heart pounding because I'm absolutely terrified of a real zombie apocalypse. So while the hype of this app in the running community was huge and while I knew I was badly in need of a way to shake things up and intensify my workouts (and alleviate boredom), I was legitimately worried that the experience would traumatize me and that someone would come find me curled up in fetal position at the b

Review: Yarn U for the iPhone/iPad

All screenshots provided by Sutro Media This is my first time reviewing an app, so please bear with me :) This is a review of Yarn U (Sutro Media) , compatible for both the iPhone and iPad. Essentially, Yarn U is an on-the-go database of yarn, complete with photos, weight/gauge information, pros/cons, and links to the manufacturers' websites, social media sites, etc. Now, I'm not a particularly techy person, so I don't have much to say about the finer details of functionality and programming, but I am a knitter. As far as this review goes, I can address what it does and if it's worth the $2.99 price tag. When you open Yarn U for the first time, a quick tutorial pops up after the loading screen, and then the app opens to a list of the yarn names, its default home screen. For each yarn, there is a small photo next to the yarn name, a one-line descriptor, and the yarn's manufacturer. In the upper left hand corner is an option to filter out the listing base

All four colors from the Sugarpill's Heartbreaker palette

Pretty, but not too crazy - UDPP - Mochi all over the lid - Acidberry on the inner corner - 2am in the crease - Velocity along the lower lashline - UD eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lashline - Tarte Gifted mascara

Sugarpill Heartbreaker round up

Top: Acidberry, Velocity; Bottom: 2am, Mochi All my posts this week, using all the colors of the Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette. Click the color names to see the actual posts: Mochi   Acidberry Velocity 2am Bonus: Velocity as an eyeliner

Sugarpill 2am

Saved the purple for last :) You know how much I love a good purple eye shadow! - UDPP - Sugarpill 2am all over the lid - Sugarpill Poison Plum in the crease and around the outer corner - Sugarpill Dollipop in the inner corner - UD eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lash line - Hourglass Film Noir mascara

Sugarpill Velocity, once more with feeling

Using Velocity as a shadow this time... - UDPP - UD shadow in Pistol on the inner half of the lid - Sugarpill Velocity on the outer half, and wrapped around the outer corner - UD shadow in Verve above the crease - UD eye pencil in Perversion, in a thin line - MUFE Smoky Lash mascara Yes, there's a bit of a filter over these photos.

Sugarpill's Velocity (sort of)

Velocity is an intimidating color for me, as are most BRIGHT BLUES. So, using two well-known makeup techniques (using eyeshadow as an eyeliner by patting it on top of a line you've already drawn with a pencil, and pairing a bright with a neutral), I made Velocity a wearable eyeliner: On top of my brown MAC pencil, Velocity becomes a sort of "bright Navy," if  you can imagine such a thing. Also wearing: Stila Forever Your Curl mascara Tomorrow I'll attempt to wear Velocity in its true form, but for today, I'm digging this.

Sugarpill Acidberry

I'm feeling kind of Tinkerbell today. I think I did a similar look with Absinthe for the Tinkerbell half-marathon, actually. I haven't had a chance to compare the two though. - UDPP - Sugarpill Acidberry all over the lid - Sugarpill Chromalust loose shadow in Goldilux in the crease - UD eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lash line - MUFE Smoky Lash mascara

Sugarpill Mochi

The new palette, one color at a time :) - UDPP - Sugarpill Mochi all over the lid - UD Darkhorse lightly on the outer half, and in the crease - UD eye pencil in Whiskey along the upper lash line - Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Birthday Suit applied along the lower lash line - Tarte Gifted mascara

Sugarpill's Heartbreaker palette

It's here!!! I have to tell you, on Thursday night, starting around 11:45, I sat and kept hitting "refresh" on Sugarpill's website until the new Heartbreaker palette finally became available. Two days later, it's mine. I've been SUPER excited about this ever since Amy announced the new palette. She's been previewing the new shades ever since, and I don't think they will disappoint. Here are some photos. I'll be doing some test looks in the upcoming days. All the Sugarpill pressed shadows happily united in my Z-Palette

This is my mom.

And I am SO thankful for her :) I am also thankful for my MIL, whom I don't have a picture with, who for years now has loved me as one of her own. Happy Mother's Day! And I know this little thing would say it to me if she knew what it meant, so I'll just accept this in the meantime and say that I have been blessed to be her mother:

A tale of four poke holes

I've been home for a few hours now, and I'm feeling okay. It was pretty nerve-wracking, at the beginning. I came alone to the hospital because I didn't want Jimmy to have to sit around waiting for me, so I was admitted and taken to my hospital bed (it wasn't in a room, but a "station") and given my gown and all that. (Yup, back was open and everything. SEXY. There were a couple nurses trying to read my Radiohead tattoo.) My pulse was quick, and I was crying a little bit out of anxiety, I suppose. The last time I stayed at the hospital was when Jolie was in the NICU, and THAT was a really emotional time for me, so now, every time I smell Kaiser's hand soap or hand sanitizer, it takes me back to that time full of uncertainty and tears and loneliness - I definitely cried a little bit as I sat there waiting, but what helped a lot was reading the dozens of messages  from my friends (real-life and online) on my Facebook. If you ever catch me whining about

So long! Farewell! Auf wieder... nevermind, I can't spell that word.

Dear Gallbladder, It's been real. - Me So, tomorrow, I go in for gallbladder surgery. Remember how I got really sick a couple of weeks ago and threw up and got the scary eye? Yeah, apparently it was caused by gallstones and not a stomach virus. Well, at least I know I don't have the plague. I'm a little anxious. I know it's a minor surgery, and it's laproscopic (REALLY can't spell today!), and it's apparently as common as getting an appendix out, but I've never had any surgery of any sort. I've never been put under general anesthesia. This is the first body part that I've ever part with (and no, babies and placentas don't count as body parts). I even have all my wisdom teeth. I'm a little wary of the fact that they'll be cutting me and doing all this weird stuff (inflating my abdomen with gas???) while I'm unconscious and totally helpless to do anything about it. What if the government has commissioned them to put a mic

Race Recap: Divas Half Marathon

Credit: Run Like a Diva official FB page Today almost didn't happen. At the bout last weekend, I injured my knee - I fell on it really hard, and it immediately swelled up and the parts that did not turn dark purple were numb to the touch. The x-rays showed that nothing was torn or broken - it was just the tissue just above my knee where my knee pad had dug in that was hurting. That was the good news. The bad news was, I was to stay off skates for a week, and non-contact for another couple of weeks at least. And worst of all, I was told that I should count on skipping the Divas Half Marathon this weekend. I debated with myself for a while. I emailed the race directors, but they told me I couldn't defer. I really, REALLY wanted that damn medal, and a chance to see how I could do now compared to the Tinkerbell. (And no, I did not do a good job of training for this either. I didn't actually train at all. Story of my life.) I finally decided that I would go, and howe