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Whole30 round 2

I've been off Paleo for a while now, ever since I had that gallstone attack.At first it was because I needed to stick to the bland BRAT diet while my body tried to right itself, but then it was mostly because I was too tired to even think about planning, prepping, and cooking.

So now that I'm all better, it's time to go back. Since I've now been off Paleo approximately as long as I was on it, I figure a second round of Whole30 is in order, to fully reset my system.

My dealbreaker has always been the "thinking about it" part. When I get too tired to think about it, that's when my commitment wanes. And lately, all I've BEEN is tired. Paleo can be pretty exhausting because you're (well, I'M) constantly prepping and cooking, and then cleaning. I don't have time to sit staring slack-jawed at my computer screen! And it's fine after a while, because being on Paleo gives you your energy back, but when you're first starting out... it's HARD.

But it's summer now, and school is out, and that's a great time for Paleo, because summer makes me think of cool, crisp salads, chilled, refreshing fruit, and morning runs. It's the time of the year when I don't need to get up with an alarm if I don't want to. Without work to wear me out, I usually am much more optimistic about all my other things, and more motivated to stick to my fitness goals.

So it's back to the Paleo grindstone now, and permanently this time.