Friday, August 31, 2012

Purpley delicious

- WnW's Petal Pusher palette, right side: lid, crease, and browbone shadows as marked
- UD's Naked e/s to blend out the crease
- UD eye pencil in Rockstar all around the lash line
- UD Supercurl mascara

- Usual primer/foundation/powder repertoire (yeah, getting lazy about typing it all over all the time)
- Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Blushing Bride
- Revlon lipstick in Berry Haute

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super excited about Urban Decay Holiday 2012

Payday can't come fast enough.

I've got my eye on their new Ocho Loco pencil set - 8 FULL-SIZE eyeliners for essentially the cost of three, and four of those colors are exclusive/brand new.

Also, Urban Decay has a double-ended eye pencil set that also comes with an exclusive color, that I'm considering, but I'd probably want to split with someone.

There are a few other things shown here at - it looks like they're releasing new versions of their Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun palettes, but since I already have every single one of those shadows, there's really no need for me to get them. The new Build-Your-Own-Palettes are interesting to me solely because they come with exclusive shadows - can you tell, I'm a UD collector, but for reasons I've already discussed, I'd never actually use their BYOP system because I've already got a great system - it's called Z-Palette.

Still love you though, UD. <3 Can't wait for Ocho Loco.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late to the party, as always

I've had Wet 'n' Wild's 8-pan palettes for a while, but never actually used them. I know they are quite beloved all over, and they're reportedly of wonderful quality, but you know, when they're sitting in a drawer next to my UD or Sugarpill shadows, guess which one I will reach for, every time? NOT WnW.

So yesterday, I woke up late and was in a super-hurry to get my makeup on, and sitting right on top of my "Maybe I'll get rid of this?" pile were my WnW palettes. Being pressed for time and not able to go digging around for combinations of colors in my makeup drawer, I shrugged and said, "Why not?" and grabbed the Comfort Zone palette:

And of course, I discovered what many have known for a while - that the shadows in the palette are lovely and pigmented and quality. They're QUITE fabulous.

So, I feel encouraged to remove these from the give-away pile and give them a second chance. Er, and a first chance too.

Sorry, probably should have cropped this

- I pretty much used all the colors as labeled. I lined my upper lash line with UD eye pencil in Perversion and then topped it with the right-side definer, because it looks a lot like UD Lounge (which I can't believe is discontinued, because it's one of their BEST colors), and then lined my lower lash line with the left-side definer alone (without a base)
- Tarte's Lights! Cameras! Lashes!

- Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer
- BeneFit Boi-ing concealer
- UD Naked Skin (which I always apply with the Optical Blurring Brush these days)
- UD Razor High Definition powder
- NARS Orgasm blush
- UD Pocket Rocket lipgloss in "James" (6 bucks, yo)

Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school

Because no first day is complete without a makeup post.

- UD e/s Mushroom on the inner 75% of the lid
- UD e/s Verve on the inner 25% of the lid/tear duct area
- UD e/s Deep End (from the 15th Anni palette) in the outer 25% and slightly into the crease
- UD e/s Naked from crease to browbone
- UD e/s Bootycall on the browbone
- UD eye pencil in Binge along upper and lower lash lines, with UD Evidence e/s patted on top all around
- Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes!

- A couple spritzes of UD's De-Slick spray
- Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless primer
- BeneFit Boi-ing concealer under the eyes
- UD Naked Skin foundation applied with the Optical Blurring brush
- UD Razor Sharp HD powder to set
- NARS Orgasm blush
- A couple more spritzes of UD's De-Slick spray on top

- NARS lipstick in Love Devotion

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starting Anew

I'm not going to deny that I've kind of fallen out of love with my job over the last few years. Like so many others, I began my career all bright-eyed and wanting to be like Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society (you know, before all the bad stuff happens). Instead, 7 years later, I find that I'm getting dangerously close to becoming Mr. DeMartino from Daria.

I'm not going to make excuses for myself either, however. I know that I have not done all that I could do to be the best teacher that I could be.

Every year, I hope that it will be a different year. A better year. One of the beauties of being a teacher, in my opinion, is that every year is a chance to start over - new batch of students, new chances to make things right. New opportunities to rediscover why I got into this racket in the first place.

This year really will be different - I'm teaching honors freshmen again for the first time in about four years. And I have three sections of them. I mean no slight against the regular-level freshmen I have taught, but it's a different ballgame when the kids have the motivation and the skills for me to carry out some of my more dastardly lesson ideas =P

Sharper kids require a sharper teacher, though. This is no time for me to be a tired, jaded cynic of a teacher. This year is presenting me with new opportunities to push the envelope and try new things. I need to seize these opportunities. I need to rise to the occasion.

So, tomorrow starts a new year. And I'm ready. I've spent all summer being inspired to achieve derby greatness, and now my summer "fling" needs to transfer back to school.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

UD's new Naked Skin foundation is magically delicious

You know, I recently bought BeneFit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! foundation and I love it to pieces. I thought I'd found my perfect foundation... until my insatiable curiosity took over and I got myself a bottle of Urban Decay's new liquid foundation, Naked Skin, along with their brand new Optical Blurring brush:

I'm shade 7.0

I won't go into all the crazy details of the formulation, because there are lots of other, BETTER reviews that can discuss the ingredients and stuff. But I WILL say that with 18 shades to choose from, I was able to find a perfect match, and true to its word, Naked Skin really does feel weightless and clean, and the coverage is buildable, so I can just as easily achieve the your-skin-but-better look as I can a more dramatic look.

In the above photo, on the right side is my natural, clean face, and the left side is my face with Naked Skin over Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer. Not bad, huh? I mean, I know I am blessed enough to not need much foundation in the first place, but you can see on the left that my skin and skin tone are evened out, and that it looks pretty natural.

So, that was Naked Skin applied with my fingers. UD claims that when you use their Optical Blurring brush, your skin just becomes magically awesome. So I tried it:

And this photo was taken with my phone too!
And I was suuuuuuper impressed with the results. I could never get my skin to look this good with MUFE's HD foundation (which is more a reflection on me than on their foundation) - I think if I still had it now, I would try it with UD's brush.

UD describes the finish as "demi-matte," and I noticed that I did get glowy after a while, but it was hot outside at work and I was sweaty anyway. I did use UD's De-Slick spray both under my primer and on top of everything after I was done, and I think that helped with the staying power a lot, because it lasted pretty much all day.

I super-love this foundation. It's teh awesome. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has truly oily skin (I'm slightly on the oilier side of combination), but if your skin can handle it, it looks great.

- Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer
- BeneFit's Boi-ing concealer, shade 03
- UD Naked Skin, shade 7.0
- UD Razor Sharp High Definition Powder
- NARS Orgasm blush
- UD Pocket Rocket gloss in Julio

- UDPP in original
- Kat Von D's Poetica eyeshadow palette (the orange side)
- UD eye pencil in Perversion along upper lash line
- UD shadow pencil in Barracuda along lower lash line
- Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Wish the World Knew about Roller Derby

This is a repost of a note by Kinetic Rage on Facebook - I am posting it on my blog so that I can share it more widely, because it's a message that needs to be heard.

Roller derby is the only place I know where we are all different and yet still manage to accept and support each other. We are:  gay, straight, bi, or nearly asexual; virgins, sluts, poly, monogamous, kinky, married, single; heartbroken, madly in love, or simply alone. We may have never had a significant other, or we may be in committed relationships that have lasted several decades.

We are tattooed, or not. We are pierced, or not. We come in every shade of skin imaginable. Regardless of our “upholstery”, we all bleed red. We are religious, or not.  We are Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist, UU; not interested, in too deep, confused, seeking,  or just trying to recover from any of the above.
 We are parents, or not. We may have a house full of kids. Some of our “kids” may have fur, or feathers, or scales.
We are waitresses, doctors, musicians, artists, cowgirls, lawyers, teachers, students, and therapists. We are rich, poor, or just doing ok. Some are recovering addicts. Some of us are criminals, hopefully reformed, or at least working on it.  Some of us have been homeless and know what it’s like to be hungry and alone.

 As children, we may have been born to a great family, been spoiled, abused, ignored, or loved unconditionally. We grew up as nerds, jocks, preppies, bullies, outsiders, and invisibles. Some of us went to college, some did not. Some barely, or never, finished high school.

We are kind, angry, frustrated, peaceful, depressed, happy, crazy, enthusiastic, giddy, sick, and tired. We are also quiet, loud, and surprisingly shy; sometimes we exhibit all those things within a span of minutes.

We are vegans, meat-eaters, hunters, gatherers and everything in between. I think most of us in derby are addicted to bananas.

 The things we do not have in common could fill volumes. What is important is that we meet at a skating rink, often exhausted and grumpy after a long day of work, school, and taking care of everyone else in our lives, and we work together. Strapping on skates and gear we drag ourselves onto a small oval track to sweat together, bleed together, and learn to fight fairly as we practice teamwork and communication. We work our asses off to get stronger. Sometimes we snap at each other, but more often we shout encouragement.  We each learn that no matter who we are, there is a place for us in derby. Anyone is invited to join us, to get knocked down, to learn to get up, and to always lend a helping hand to not only our teammates, but to our rivals as well.

After a hard fought derby bout the losers are quick to drop to one knee and graciously thank the winning team, because we understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication it took for them to get there. No matter the final score, there is something to be learned from everyone.  We truly do appreciate each other’s journey and commitment to this sport we love. Hopefully, when it’s time to go home, we have been reminded that each and every one of us is strong, worthy of respect, and capable of doing so much more than we ever believed. We are reminded of the value of hard work, of a common goal, and of good sportsmanship.

Most importantly, we are reminded that all our differences make no difference, because above all else we are sisters and brothers. That is what I wish the world knew about roller derby. Because if a band of unlikely misfits like us can achieve this, just think what the whole world could do if everyone committed to becoming each other’s family. Instead of worrying about what someone else is thinking about, who they love, or what they are doing with their private bits, what if we each focused on treating each other with care, dignity, and respect?

What if we become quicker to lend a helping hand and pick each other up, give a needed push to get someone through a hard time, or defend our brothers and sisters from those who wish to harm them; and slower to anger and judge? What if we were committed to a common goal, instead of letting our own insecurities and obsessions over things that are truly none of our business drive us to senseless acts of persecution? I believe… no, I KNOW we would all be better for it. It really isn’t as hard as you think.

 Life is like derby. At least I think it should be.

For the love of derby and peace,
Kinetic Rage, #71
Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby

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