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Late to the party, as always

I've had Wet 'n' Wild's 8-pan palettes for a while, but never actually used them. I know they are quite beloved all over, and they're reportedly of wonderful quality, but you know, when they're sitting in a drawer next to my UD or Sugarpill shadows, guess which one I will reach for, every time? NOT WnW.

So yesterday, I woke up late and was in a super-hurry to get my makeup on, and sitting right on top of my "Maybe I'll get rid of this?" pile were my WnW palettes. Being pressed for time and not able to go digging around for combinations of colors in my makeup drawer, I shrugged and said, "Why not?" and grabbed the Comfort Zone palette:

And of course, I discovered what many have known for a while - that the shadows in the palette are lovely and pigmented and quality. They're QUITE fabulous.

So, I feel encouraged to remove these from the give-away pile and give them a second chance. Er, and a first chance too.

Sorry, probably should have cropped this

- I pretty much used all the colors as labeled. I lined my upper lash line with UD eye pencil in Perversion and then topped it with the right-side definer, because it looks a lot like UD Lounge (which I can't believe is discontinued, because it's one of their BEST colors), and then lined my lower lash line with the left-side definer alone (without a base)
- Tarte's Lights! Cameras! Lashes!

- Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer
- BeneFit Boi-ing concealer
- UD Naked Skin (which I always apply with the Optical Blurring Brush these days)
- UD Razor High Definition powder
- NARS Orgasm blush
- UD Pocket Rocket lipgloss in "James" (6 bucks, yo)