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Super excited about Urban Decay Holiday 2012

Payday can't come fast enough.

I've got my eye on their new Ocho Loco pencil set - 8 FULL-SIZE eyeliners for essentially the cost of three, and four of those colors are exclusive/brand new.

Also, Urban Decay has a double-ended eye pencil set that also comes with an exclusive color, that I'm considering, but I'd probably want to split with someone.

There are a few other things shown here at - it looks like they're releasing new versions of their Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun palettes, but since I already have every single one of those shadows, there's really no need for me to get them. The new Build-Your-Own-Palettes are interesting to me solely because they come with exclusive shadows - can you tell, I'm a UD collector, but for reasons I've already discussed, I'd never actually use their BYOP system because I've already got a great system - it's called Z-Palette.

Still love you though, UD. <3 Can't wait for Ocho Loco.