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UD's new Naked Skin foundation is magically delicious

You know, I recently bought BeneFit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! foundation and I love it to pieces. I thought I'd found my perfect foundation... until my insatiable curiosity took over and I got myself a bottle of Urban Decay's new liquid foundation, Naked Skin, along with their brand new Optical Blurring brush:

I'm shade 7.0

I won't go into all the crazy details of the formulation, because there are lots of other, BETTER reviews that can discuss the ingredients and stuff. But I WILL say that with 18 shades to choose from, I was able to find a perfect match, and true to its word, Naked Skin really does feel weightless and clean, and the coverage is buildable, so I can just as easily achieve the your-skin-but-better look as I can a more dramatic look.

In the above photo, on the right side is my natural, clean face, and the left side is my face with Naked Skin over Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer. Not bad, huh? I mean, I know I am blessed enough to not need much foundation in the first place, but you can see on the left that my skin and skin tone are evened out, and that it looks pretty natural.

So, that was Naked Skin applied with my fingers. UD claims that when you use their Optical Blurring brush, your skin just becomes magically awesome. So I tried it:

And this photo was taken with my phone too!
And I was suuuuuuper impressed with the results. I could never get my skin to look this good with MUFE's HD foundation (which is more a reflection on me than on their foundation) - I think if I still had it now, I would try it with UD's brush.

UD describes the finish as "demi-matte," and I noticed that I did get glowy after a while, but it was hot outside at work and I was sweaty anyway. I did use UD's De-Slick spray both under my primer and on top of everything after I was done, and I think that helped with the staying power a lot, because it lasted pretty much all day.

I super-love this foundation. It's teh awesome. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has truly oily skin (I'm slightly on the oilier side of combination), but if your skin can handle it, it looks great.

- Tarte's Clean Slate Poreless Primer
- BeneFit's Boi-ing concealer, shade 03
- UD Naked Skin, shade 7.0
- UD Razor Sharp High Definition Powder
- NARS Orgasm blush
- UD Pocket Rocket gloss in Julio

- UDPP in original
- Kat Von D's Poetica eyeshadow palette (the orange side)
- UD eye pencil in Perversion along upper lash line
- UD shadow pencil in Barracuda along lower lash line
- Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes!