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In need of inspiration?

This is what's workin' for me lately:  And: "Be more than beautiful, be inspiring."

This is my life in footwear.

Derby, running, CrossFit, work The idiomatic expression, "to wear many hats," refers to the different roles/responsibilities we take on in life, but for me, I think it's more accurate to refer to my footwear. I put my feet through a lot, every day. I mean it, they SERIOUSLY take a beating, and never EVER from being forced into tight, strappy heels either. (If I'm going to torture my feet, I'm going to make it worthwhile.) My feet would be considered by most to be ugly and unfeminine - I do not have smooth, dainty feet with toenails painted seashell pink. My feet are large (my running shoes are a men's 2E width!) and calloused (I've never needed to buy sandpaper), and at the end of a long day, the veins bulge a little bit. Lovely, right? But they are at the crux of everything I do in my life that is worthwhile, and for this reason, they could never be considered truly ugly. My feet help me maneuver around the track. My feet carry me for miles and mi

Sometimes the classics are best.

Eyes: - UDPP - Echo Beach all over the lid - Muse in the crease, blended out with Laced - Anonymous as a brow highlight - Eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lash line - feel free to make this thicker/cat eye/whatever - Eye pencil in Stray Dog along 3/4 of the lower lash line and Midnight Cowboy (eye pencil, not shadow pencil) on the inside 1/4. - Tarte's Gifted mascara Cheeks: - Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in Blushing Bride Lips: - MAC lip pencil in Brick  - MAC lipstick in Viva Glam I (my derby namesake!)

UD Vice Palette RAINBOW!

Call me chipper - I had a great run this morning, I'm watching Day 3 of WFTDA Western Regionals, and it's just been a nice, relaxing weekend. TIME FOR RAINBOWS AND SHIMMER! Eyes : - UDPP - NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese all over lid as a base - In order from the inner corner out, use a smaller-than-normal brush to apply the following colors on the lid, taking up equal amounts of space for each color: Blitz Penny Lane Noise Vice Unhinged Junkie - Using a small-ish crease brush (not too fluffy or large), apply Desperation in the crease and then blend it out with Laced - Apply Anonymous  to the browbone as a highlight - UD eye pencil in Perversion  in a thin line along the upper lash line - UD eye pencil in Mushroom  along the lower lash line. Top the outer 3/4 with Black Market  and the innermost quarter with Armor.  (Be careful not to get glitter in your eye. You could probably also use Echo Beach .) - Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes! mascara

Firing on all cylinders

Right now my derby league is doing a weight loss challenge, and while I applaud the organizers and the participants for getting things going, I've decided not to participate because weight loss is not in line with the fact that I'm trying to train for a marathon and all that. (Weight loss, while welcomed, is purely secondary to my athletic pursuits. There are lots of ways to lose weight that that don't involve getting stronger and better at sports, and that's not what I'm into right now. Fitness challenge? I'd be ALL OVER that.) But just because I'm not participating, it doesn't mean that I can't set goals for myself and try to achieve them. My main goal right now is to settle into a routine and get firing on all cylinders. Over the past year, I have lost weight and generally gotten in better shape, but I've never had every piece of the puzzle at the same time - I would be running, but not eating right or going to CrossFit or derby; or I woul

Stormy Seas

My first look using the Vice Palette! Moody teals. - UDPP Eden - Desperation on the middle third of the eyelid - Junkie on the outer third - Armor on the inner third - Unhinged in the crease, blended out with Naked (not in the Vice Palette) - Eye pencil in Perversion along upper lash line - Eye pencil in Junkie along the lower lash line, topped with Junkie eye shadow - Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes! mascara

Urban Decay Vice Palette - swatches and comparisons!

Obviously this is called the Vice Palette for a reason - it was DESIGNED for those of us whose vice is eye shadow. 20 brand-new exclusive shades, available for a limited time only - OBVIOUSLY I bought this right at midnight when it was released. I mean, DUH. And OBVIOUSLY I spent a bunch of time taking pictures of the palette instead of getting ready for Back to School Night tonight: Bling! The button you push to open the lid. I know, it sounds like a weird thing to get excited over, but it's so much better than PRYING the lid open and messing up your eye shadow in the process. Siiiiiiiiigh. C'est magnifique! The slightly rubbery purple surface of the palette is the same that they used for the tiny little face case that came out a few years ago. It's nice to touch like a James Bond villain stroking his cat . It's nice and sturdy, the lid stands up on its own so you can see the awesome full-sized mirror inside, and it comes with a double-ended brush - U

Simple and striking

Darling really is such a beautiful color. And Goldilux is absolutely unparalleled as a gold shadow. *Eyes - UDPP Original - NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese  as a base - Sugarpill loose shadow in Darling all over the lid - Sugarpill loose shadow in Goldilux in the crease and blended out - UD eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lash line and in Junkie along the lower lash line - Tarte Gifted mascara *NARS blush in Orgasm * Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Coral

I heart tattoos

I haven't gotten any new ink since before I was pregnant (RIGHT before I was pregnant, actually - I got this one on my leg done and then found out the big news), so I am way overdue. I've got some ideas in the works, but since having a baby and starting roller derby, I either haven't been able to make it a priority financially or haven't been able to time it right. (Full contact sport + raw skin from tattoos = no no no!) I do have three tattoos listed on my 30 Before 30 list (one for Jolie, one for derby, and one for the marathon I am running on 10/28), and was hoping to get them all done before my birthday, but it looks like it's going to have to wait - since I am gunning on making our all-star roster for October and November, I don't want to take any time off from practice, especially for tattoos. Maybe right afterward :) So, here are my ideas: Jolie tattoo - I just wanted to get her baby footprint, from the day she was born.Unfortunately, the nurse me

My Bucket List

So, I decided that one of my "30 Things" goals really should be "Come up with goals for after I'm 30." And yeah, it sounds like a gimme (it kind of is), but nonetheless, I want to make sure that I always have things to strive for. My list will not be constrained by time, and will be ever-changing, because as I've found through my 30 Things experience, my goals are always changing - even just over the course of two years, I've learned new things and picked up new ambitions. So here it is ... I've been mulling over this for a while so far, and I think it's a good start. I don't expect that all of it will happen, but hey, I've got a lifetime...

Not-boring khaki!

*Eyes - UDPP Greed (it's a nice, shimmery gold) - UD eye pencil in Stash all over the lid and along the lower lash line - From the UD Smoked Palette: Loaded in the crease, Freestyle to blend it out, and Kinky on the browbone and in the inner corners - UD eye pencil in Sabbath (currently available in the new double-ended eye pencil set) along the upper and lower lash lines (on top of Stash) - Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes! mascara * Normal face routine with NARS Orgasm blush * UD lip pencil in Wallflower topped with Pocket Rocket gloss in Kirk

Karma Chameleon

"Lovin' would be easy if your colors were like my dreams / red, gold, and greeeeeeen..." This look was inspired more by the "red, gold, and green" than by Boy George, although I daresay he had some fabulous eye makeup going on at times. *Eyes - UDPP Original - (In hindsight, I should've probably applied NYX Jumbo Pencil in Oyster as a base right here. But I did not.) - Sugarpill loose e/s: Junebug on the outer half, Asylum on the inner half, and then Goldilux blended in the middle of the lid where they meet - Sugarpill pressed e/s in Bulletproof in the crease, and then blended out with UD e/s in Naked - UD Urbanglow Highlight Cream in Moonshine patted onto the browbone (I don't think this is available anymore, but for reference, here's a photo .) - UD eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lash line and Stash along the lower lash line - Tarte's Gifted mascara *My usual face routine, with NARS Orgasm blush * NARS lipstick in Ch

Urban Decay Holiday 2012 - Double-Ended Eye Pencil Set

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I'm a FIEND for Urban Decay's eye pencils, and it is part of my life's mission to obsessively collect all their different shades, because I totally love them. UD's Holiday 2012 collection is definitely giving me lots to be excited about. In addition to their Ocho Loco pencil set (which I squee'd over in this post ), they also released this new Double-Ended Eye Pencil Set , which contains two tried-and-trues, one almost-exclusive shade (Corrupt, which previously appeared in the UD15 eye pencil collection), and one brand-new shade called Sabbath, as well as one of their fantabulous eye pencil sharpeners (which I own multiples of, by the way): Sabbath is a dark, dark, almost-black navy blue, no doubt inspired by the corresponding shade from The Black Palette . Where it differed (IMHO) from its eye shadow counterpart, however, was that it seemed pretty straight-up matte to me when I swatched it. The eye shadow has

Psychedelic Sister

This is kind of an opposite look of what I was wearing on Saturday. I was trying to create a look using the shades that are in the new Fun Palette , but found that I ended up wanting to use different UD shadows from the ones that are in the palette, for brighter pops of color. Maybe it's just because I have the old formulas, but Freakshow and Fishnet were just not working for me. *Eyes: - UDPP Original - Sellout on the inner half of the lid - Junkshow on the outer half of the lid (from the 15th Anni palette) - Psychedelic Sister in the crease - Virgin to blend out the crease/highlight the brow - Chase (from the 15th Anni palette) dabbed on the center of the lid - UD eye pencil in Psychedelic Sister all around the eye - Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes! mascara * My normal face routine * Lips: Revlon's Just Bitten Balmstain in Smitten , blotted off, and then topped with UD Pocket Rocket gloss in David  

Goals and stuff

A 30 Before 30 item in the works So, my 30 Things Before I'm 30 list has been on my mind a lot lately, primarily because my birthday is almost exactly three months away, and I've still got a fair number of things to get done. I've also been thinking a lot about my goals for AFTER I'm 30 (and have finished the list, hopefully). And I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to do a 40 Before 40 list. In the two years since I started my 30 list, my goals and wishes have changed so much, and at times, I haven't even been able to come up with 30 things that I've always wanted to do. To be honest, many of the things that are left on my list are things that I'm not so excited to do anymore, but I needed to fill the spaces. (I seriously sat there for an hour and could not come up with new goals to replace them, especially with three months left on the clock.) Even with ten years to work with, how could I come up with 40 things I want to do? So I

Makeup with friends!

My good friend and teammate Kelly  (aka Blisterine) asked me to "make her pretty," so we took a day to hit up Sephora so I could help her build up her makeup kit and add some color to her eye shadow collection, as well as show her how to use it all. As you can see by our photo, the day was a success! One of her priorities for today was getting a good face regimen, and having read this post , Kelly was eager to give Naked Skin a try and was able to find her perfect shade (Shade 0.5). At my recommendation, she also got BeneFit Boi-ing and UD's Razor Sharp Ultra Definition powder (what can I say? It's a tried-and-true for me =P), as well as this spectacular palette from bareMinerals READY , that I'm now considering getting myself because the colors and quality are just gorgeous and awesome. I have a bareMinerals READY quad already that I love (Dream Sequence), and this one is awesome too. In the photo above, as part of our makeup lesson, I talked Kelly through

Woodstock... Mushroom... insert your joke here

I may or may not have been subliminally inspired by the tshirt I'm wearing today: Eyes : - UDPP - UD Smoked Palette: Mushroom all over the lid; Barlust in the crease; Blackout to darken the crease - UD e/s in Naked to blend out the crease - UD e/s in Woodstock patted all over the lid (in hindsight, I'd pack it on a little more, make it brighter) - UD eye pencil in Perversion along upper lash line and Mushroom (hooray for new eyeliner!) along the lower lash line - Tarte's Lights! Camera! Lashes! on upper and lower lashes Face : - Garnier BB cream in the medium/dark color - BeneFit Boi-ing concealer - MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus

Urban Decay's Ocho Loco pencil set

SO excited about this that I didn't even wait to take pictures of the pencils in-box! (Eh, for that you can go here , here , here , and of course here .) These are my favorite eye pencils in the whole world, and the fact that there are four new colors (and one almost-exclusive) in this set is fabulously exciting: - Junkie is the almost-exclusive one. It was in one of the holiday pencil sets from last year, so I do already have it, but it's a small-sized one, whereas all the pencils in Ocho Loco are full-sized . It's a glittery dark-ish teal. - LSD  is a navy with blue glitter. - Psychedelic Sister  is a red-based purple, which I find really exciting because so far, all the purple pencils that UD has released are blue-based. It is every bit as lovely and vibrant as its eye shadow counterpart. - Mushroom  is another color that I LOVE in its eye shadow form, so I was super excited that it's now available in pencil form. It's a straight-up taupe, which (oddly

Color Me Rad San Jose

No watch, no gear, no pants! (Yep, I ran in a skort. My thighs hate me now.) This was a fun, fun race. My only complaint is that they ran out of my tank top size AND temporary tattoos by the time I picked up my race packet, and that the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in SJ does not have great running surfaces - but luckily, this was a fun run. If I were trying to run for time, this would be far less than ideal. It felt like longer than 1k to get to the first color station, but my friend Kymi agreed with me that the entire race felt short for a 5k. I loved that they alternated colored powder stations with colored water - totally awesome. Although, now I'm not sure if my hands and arms will ever be their natural color again. The photos speak for themselves: Next up: The Mermaid Series DUATHLON on October 6. SCURRRRRED!