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Color Me Rad San Jose

No watch, no gear, no pants! (Yep, I ran in a skort. My thighs hate me now.)

This was a fun, fun race. My only complaint is that they ran out of my tank top size AND temporary tattoos by the time I picked up my race packet, and that the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in SJ does not have great running surfaces - but luckily, this was a fun run. If I were trying to run for time, this would be far less than ideal.

It felt like longer than 1k to get to the first color station, but my friend Kymi agreed with me that the entire race felt short for a 5k. I loved that they alternated colored powder stations with colored water - totally awesome. Although, now I'm not sure if my hands and arms will ever be their natural color again.

The photos speak for themselves:

Next up: The Mermaid Series DUATHLON on October 6. SCURRRRRED!