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I heart tattoos

I haven't gotten any new ink since before I was pregnant (RIGHT before I was pregnant, actually - I got this one on my leg done and then found out the big news), so I am way overdue. I've got some ideas in the works, but since having a baby and starting roller derby, I either haven't been able to make it a priority financially or haven't been able to time it right. (Full contact sport + raw skin from tattoos = no no no!)

I do have three tattoos listed on my 30 Before 30 list (one for Jolie, one for derby, and one for the marathon I am running on 10/28), and was hoping to get them all done before my birthday, but it looks like it's going to have to wait - since I am gunning on making our all-star roster for October and November, I don't want to take any time off from practice, especially for tattoos. Maybe right afterward :)

So, here are my ideas:

Jolie tattoo - I just wanted to get her baby footprint, from the day she was born.Unfortunately, the nurse messed up trying to print her left foot, so the right foot is the only viable print I could use. (If only I could find the certificate...) The other idea I had was to do some sort of star design with the words "the prettiest star," since that's her namesake. Maybe I'll do both, and incorporate her footprint into a star design. I've been considering filling in the area above my armband tattoo (deltoid area) and maybe this would be a good place for it, though it might look strange against the red.

Derby tattoo - I've been playing around with the idea of turning my lipstick/brass knuckles necklace into a tattoo. I recently got this sticker in red for my new helmet, and was thinking it would be cool to get brass knuckles on the back of one calf and the lipstick crossbones on the back of the other, so you could see them from behind if I'm wearing a skirt.

Marathon tattoo - There are lots of these around, but I want mine to be special. In searching out some material for my gender studies unit with my sophomores, I came across a website called A Mighty Girl, a company that produces awesome books, movies, and music for girls - very girl-friendly and girl-positive. The Mighty Girl mascot totally caught my eye:

and I thought of maybe having her made into a derby girl for a tattoo (with my coloring though), but then I thought, how about as a marathon tattoo? And then her shirt could say 26.2. This would be a huge tattoo of course, and there's only one place for it - my left upper arm.

These are all just ideas, and I've got some time to think about them. Hopefully I won't wait too long - I'd love to have some new ink for my birthday :)