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Urban Decay's Ocho Loco pencil set

SO excited about this that I didn't even wait to take pictures of the pencils in-box! (Eh, for that you can go here, here, here, and of course here.)

These are my favorite eye pencils in the whole world, and the fact that there are four new colors (and one almost-exclusive) in this set is fabulously exciting:

- Junkie is the almost-exclusive one. It was in one of the holiday pencil sets from last year, so I do already have it, but it's a small-sized one, whereas all the pencils in Ocho Loco are full-sized. It's a glittery dark-ish teal.

- LSD is a navy with blue glitter.

- Psychedelic Sister is a red-based purple, which I find really exciting because so far, all the purple pencils that UD has released are blue-based. It is every bit as lovely and vibrant as its eye shadow counterpart.

- Mushroom is another color that I LOVE in its eye shadow form, so I was super excited that it's now available in pencil form. It's a straight-up taupe, which (oddly) is one of my favorite colors when it comes to makeup. ("Taupe" sounds like it should be really boring, but I frickin' love taupes.)

- Hustle is a shimmery medium brown.

By request, here are some comparison swatches. They are all the regular eyeliner pencils unless otherwise noted.

C = UD's Ink for Eyes cream liner
L = Liquid - specifically, their vintage eyeliners that came in the inkwell bottles, not the current ones
S = Shadow pencils

Teals on the right:
1. Junkie
2. Covet
3. Minx (L)
4. Flipside
5. Clinic (S)

Blues on the left:
1. LSD
2. Radium (from the same pencil set last year as Junkie)
3. Radium (L)
4. Flipside
5. Binge
6. Binge (C)

I just ordered the new double-ended pencil set with the new navy shade, Sabbath, in it, so I'll swatch that when I get it.

1. Psychedelic Sister
2. Lust
3. Ransom
4. Ecstasy (L)
5. Empire (part of a limited edition double-ended pencil, paired with Uzi)
6. Asphyxia
7. Morphine (S)
8. Delinquent (S)

I did not swatch Empire (C), because I forgot :)

Light browns
1. Mushroom
2. Underground
3. Rehab (S)
4. Stray Dog
5. Juju (S), from the eyeshadow pencil set last year

You can see that Mushroom looks more brown next to other browns, but it is still grayer than Stray Dog.

Darker browns
1. Hustle
2. Corrupt
3. Bourbon
4. Whiskey
5. Wasteland (S)
6. Rehab (S)
7. Demolition

I also forgot to swatch Demolition (C). Oh well. It looks the same as the pencil.

If you're trying to decide whether or not to shell out $60 for the set, I hope this helps. Just remember that each pencil individually is $19, and only three of them are actually available individually (Perversion, Rockstar, and Stash), so it's a really great deal :)